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20th Century Art History


AAU Digital Audio & Redefining Radio


Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills For Global Managers


Advanced Seminar in Aesthetics


Advanced Seminar in Modernism


Anglo-American Philosophy


Anthropology of Religion


Art Studio in Practice: Performance and Ritual***


Art Studio Practice: Materials, Techniques & Mathods of Painting




Brand Management


British Foreign Policy


British History II


Business Ethics


Business Information Systems


Business Law


Business Math I


Business Math II


Quantitative Decision Making


Business Statistics


Business Strategies & Global Competition


Business Strategy Simulation


Buyer Behaviour


Central and East European Politics


Comparative Religions


Composition I


Composition II


Computer Information Systems


Concept – Pursuing an Idea in the Art Process


Conflict Studies


Contemporary Art Scene


Contemporary Art Scene


History of European Integration


Corporate Finance


Creative Writing


Cross-Cultural Negotiations and Conflict Resolution


Cross-Media Art Studio


Cross-Media II + Cross-Media III – Advanced Art Studio


Cultural Journalism


Culture Wars in the West: Politics of the Digital Era


Democratization and Survival of Autocrats


Digital Tools for New Media


Diplomatic History


Direct Marketing


Documentary Film Seminar


Documentary Photography


Elementary Czech


Elementary Czech Language & Culture


German I


Elements of the Law of Contracts


Empires: British Imperialism and Colonialism




Entrepreneurship in Practice I


Entrepreneurship in Practice II


Environmental Anthropology: Ecology, Culture & Globalization


EU Law


EU Market and Business Policies


European History I


European History II


European Literature I


European Music History & Appreciation


European Union: Policies and Current Issues


Financial Accounting


Financial Reporting and Analysis


Foundations of Law


Foundations of Leadership


French I


Gender, Minority & Culture


Germany in the Modern World


Global Security


History of Art I


History of Popular Cinema – The Auteurs


History of Racism &Anti-Semitism


History of the Cold War


Human Resource Management


Human Rights


Intellectual Property


Intercultural Communication


Intercultural Communication


International Business


International Business Law and Transactions


International Economics


International Law


International Marketing


International Media


International Protection of Human Rights




Intro to Critical Art Theory


Intro to Curatorial Studies


Intro to Digital Photography


Intro to Drawing


Intro to Economic Thought


Intro to Film Language


Intro to Film Language


Intro to Marketing


Intro to Media Studies


Intro to Philosophy


Intro to Psychology


Intro to Social Theory


Intro to Law


Intro to Sociology


Introduction to Digital Marketing


Introduction to Econometrics


Introduction to International Organizations


Introduction to International Relations


Introduction to Macroeconomics


Introduction to Management


Introduction to Marketing


Introduction to Microeconomics


Introduction to Politics (Politics I)


Introduction to World Literature


Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management


Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management


IRD BA Thesis Seminar


IRD MA Thesis Seminar


Jewish Cinema


Jewish Experience in Central Europe




Language and Power


Law and Media Relations in the Arts




Leadership and Conflict Resolution


Leading Teams


Legal English / Law in Action


Legal system and method (LSM)


Managerial Accounting


Managerial Economics


Managerial Psychology


Marketing Communications


Marketing Research


Media Ethics


Media in Democracy


Methods in Human Sciences: Theoretical Paradigms


Modernism – From Realism to Modern Art (History of Art III)


Moot Court


Nations and Nationalism


Operations Management


Opinion Writing


Organizational Behavior


People and Institutions in Society


Philosophy & Society




Political Economy


Political Economy of European Integration and Trade in the EU


Political Geography


Political Philosophy I


Political Philosophy I


Political Philosophy II


Politics II


Pop Culture and Media Theory


Prague Art and Architecture




Pricing Strategies


Project Management


Property Law


Psychoanalysis of Film


Psychology: Language and the Mind


Psychology of Art & Culture


Public Law


Public Relations


Public Speaking


Radicalization Trends in Party Politics


Reporting I


Russian I


Sales Management


Social Science Research Methods


Spanish I


Strategic Marketing Analysis & Planning


Strategic Planning


Sub-Cultures: Lifestyles, Literature, Music


Survey of Western Art




Theatre & Politics


Theories of Globalization


Theories of International Relations


Thesis in Business Economics

Thesis in Economics and Finance

Thesis in Entrepreneurship

Thesis in International Business Law

Thesis in Management

Thesis in Marketing and Communications

Thesis in People Management and Leadership

Thesis Seminar


Thesis Seminar for Humanities


Torts Law


Travel Writing


United States and Global Civil Rights


US History II


VAS Thesis Seminar


Video Story Telling


Visual Culture


Visual Culture


Visual Literacy


World History I


World History I


World History II