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October 2020

ONLINE: IFRS Global Rules and Local Use

Scholars, students, and the public at large, who wish to know more about bridging the gap between international accounting rules (IFRS) and local applications, are invited to share their knowledge and experience at this event organized by Anglo-American University and the Metropolitan University Prague October 8-9, 2020. Issues that will be discussed include finance, accounting, […]

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Festival of Democracy presents: Should the Statutes Stand: Should we remember our pasts and honor the legacies of controversial heroes?

Together with Forum 2000 and its Festival of Democracy, AAU’s Schools of Law, Humanities, and Journalism, Media and Visual Arts will co-host an interdisciplinary talk on the role and relevance of historical memory after periods of civil and human rights abuses. In recent months, fueled by movements and activists demanding true racial equality, the world […]

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