Marketing Research

Course NameMarketing Research
Course CodeMKT375
DescriptionThis advanced course describes the role of marketing research in the current marketing environment and in marketing-oriented organizations, and its applications, concepts, methodologies, techniques, and terminologies. Designed to make the student a knowledgeable marketing research consumer, and a beginning practitioner, it demonstrates how research contributes to the effectiveness of marketing, advertising, sales, and product design and development. In particular, the course illustrates the importance of market research for successful decision-making concerning the final consumer / customer – B2C, as well as in B2B.

The course details the stages of market research process, starting with the definition of the problem, brief setting and proposal evaluation, through data collection, analysis, and interpretation, to presentation of research findings, and the application of findings and analysis in management decision making. The focus is on qualitative (exploratory) research techniques, quantitative research execution, and the latest developments in technology. New Internet-related market research techniques are described.