Thesis Seminar

Course NameThesis Seminar
Course CodeMGT435
DescriptionThis “capstone” course serves as the thesis seminar and workshop providing students with guidance to write the Strategic Management Thesis (SMGT)- the senior thesis for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The course is closely linked to the Strategic Planning (MGT430) course and allows students to apply knowledge from all other courses studied in the SBA degree program.

The main objective of the course is to review, reinforce and expand upon the concepts
learned particularly in MGT430 and in fact all the other SBA courses taken. This is done through discussions and presentations in a “workshop” format. Emphasis is placed on practical application of the theoretical knowledge studied in the program.

Student will present thesis work each week for discussion and evaluation with course
leader and other students. The course is of an intensive nature and students should plan to spend 8-10 hours a week on the course and writing their thesis. This course is closely coordinated with the thesis requirement and deadlines. This course, though related and coordinated, is independent of the students work with their thesis advisor.

Attendance is obligatory as is staying current with required work. Students will be expected to participate fully and engage in vigorous discussions of their work emphasizing critical thinking and analysis.

Note: The SMGT is an exercise in analytical and creative thinking and writing, it is not about recreating an annual report on the company.