International Business Law and Transactions

Course NameInternational Business Law and Transactions
Course CodeLBS310
DescriptionThe course is focused on a discussion of legal aspects of International Business. Companies operate internationally through arm’s length transactions (import and export transactions), foreign direct investment and “third ways” (franchising and licensing). Each of these operational methods present legal challenges and these challenges are studied in this course. This course will provide students with a basic understanding of the legal issues involved in international business: 

– International traders (importers, exporters) need to consider contractual matters such as terms of delivery, shift of risk, and payment guarantees.  

– Foreign investors need to consider matters such as risks of expropriation and  limitation of repatriation of profits, and the risk of double taxation.  

– Companies operating through franchising and licensing need to consider matters such as the protection of their trademarks and of their intellectual property.