Marketing Communications

Course NameMarketing Communications
Course CodeMKT202
DescriptionThe course will thoroughly guide students to initially understand what are the specific
marketing objectives certain organizations plan to achieve and how the different promotional tools and communication channels can be utilized in order to successfully achieve them. The initial question then as to WHY such objectives should be attained is then followed by WHICH media and promotional tools are adequate to be combined. Consumer Behavior and the Core Marketing strategy of segmentation, targeting, differentiation, and positioning will be briefly discussed in order to further grasp which media tools are appropriate. The concept of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) will be discussed and applied. Both traditional and non-traditional media channels will be identified including their advantages and disadvantages.

After having discussed what is to be achieved through marketing communications, the later part of the semester will be dedicated to HOW marketing communications are created and applied in reality. Individual and group projects based on current case studies allow the students to create real Creative Briefs and a Communication Plan for a real company and its assigned marketing objective(s). Emphasis will be placed on comprehending theoretical concepts as well as applying creativity to truly encompass all the elements related to Marketing Communications. Lastly, the latest trends in media, consumer behavior and marketing will be discussed as well as the social implications these all have on society. After this course, students should be able to identify a marketing objective and create a sound Communication Plan integrating the latest trends.