Course NamePhotojournalism
Course CodeJRN252
DescriptionThis introductory photo course will focus on learning the techniques, skills and basic building blocks needed to produce visual stories for today’s digital media. Much of the course will be taught as a hands-on workshop which will incorporate camera basics, lighting, composition, photo reproduction and ethical decision-making. Students will learn to create compelling images in order to tell stories visually, where to find them and how to edit, caption, keyword, organize and present them professionally for publication. We will explore the history, including economic and technological factors that have brought Photojournalism where it is today. The major events and iconic figures, both current and past that have shaped the profession will be presented through video documentaries, slideshows and online readings. Students will learn through in-class deadline exercises, weekly photo assignments, as well as readings and quizzes that will make up the bulk of the course, with a final long-term essay due as the final exam. Each class we will discuss current news events, how they are covered visually, critique and discuss assignments produced for the course and work on technique. Because the course focuses on independent photo production, students are highly advised to use their own DSLR or equivalent (mirrorless) digital camera and MacBooks or PCs with photo editing software, as we will be using them each week for assignment work.
Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this course, students will be able to:
– Discuss the history and ethical issues related to photojournalism and be able to give specific examples in order to articulate them;
– Use a digital camera to produce assignments for class and professional publication in print and online media;
– Create images that are compelling and relay the intended message to viewers, as well as correctly caption and keyword the work for professional publication;
– Comprehend and have a clear understanding of independent news gathering and analysis as a visual journalist;
– Plan, pitch, shoot and edit stories for publication in professional media.
SchoolSchool of Journalism, Media, and Visual Arts
Number of credits (US / ECTS)3 US / 6 ECTS