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We believe that education would be lacking a key component without theory, but that theory would lack its ultimate purpose without application. This triad would not be possible without our extraordinary community of students, scholars, and partner organizations that participate in research at AAU.

Academic Research

In the academic field, AAU is proud to report notable research achievements such as publications of books with top world publishers, articles in high-end international journals and international conferences. AAU’s faculty has been the recipient of various prestigious research grants, for instance from the Czech Science Foundation, International Visegrad Fund, or the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic.

For detailed information, please see our annual reports here or explore our Faculty.

Applied Research

In the field of applied research, our Center for Research at AAU (est. in 2012) accomplished 80+ student projects, several corporate research projects and every year organizes a number of conferences, workshops, and academic events. The main rationale behind most of the events is an existing gap between the world of academia and companies, NGO´s or government institutions. Recently the Center for Research has been transformed into a Research Office and aims to further develop research culture via organization, coordination, and promotion of research activities. AAU Research plan for calendar years 2018–2019 can be found here (překlad).

Partnerships help us stay in the game

Social responsibility forms the bedrock of AAU’s mission and purpose. Therefore, we cooperate with like-minded corporations, organizations, and associations on research and joint projects that reinforce ethical foundations in learners, faculty, and staff.

Research has surely been an integral part of education and academic progress since the dawn of European universities. At Anglo-American University we seek to break the dichotomy of academia and everyday life and therefore next to traditional works in many fields, we engage our faculty and students in dozens applied projects. Next to direct value delivered to our partners, we believe that hands-on real project solving brings exceptional learning experience to all involved participants. We invite everyone to join our extraordinary community and benefit from joint cooperation.

Ing. Peter Bolcha, Ph.D., Director for Research

Events and Publications

Conferences, workshops, and colloquia are essential platforms for feedback, networking, and discussions of experts from the field. Every year we offer a number of similar occasions directly organized by AAU or in cooperation with other organizers.

Since 2009, Anglo-American University has run a legal journal Law Review publishing topical articles by an array of scholars, including government officials, judges, academics, and lawyers. Most recently this journal is called Per Curiam. Learn more at

Since 2018 AAU has introduced Research and Creative Coffees, a series of workshops aimed to highlight works-in-progress by AAU faculty and students presented to an academic audience. Internal and external discussants are invited as experts in the field who evaluate the works and give suggestions for improvement and constructive feedback. 

Another regular event is the international conference IFRS: Global Rules and Local Use established in 2013. Links to proceedings (indexed in Web of Science since 2015) of respective years can be found HERE. Links to conference pages year-by-year are below. Since 2019 the conference is co-organized with Metropolitan University Prague

AAU also organizes other regular conferences, such as Ideas in Politics (as a co-organizing partner of Institute of Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University and Faculty of Arts, Charles University), Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Rights (with Norwich University) and more.  












Areas of Interest

Student Projects

Collaborating with researchers and working professionals allows our students to utilize knowledge only experts in the field can offer, while our students and faculty are able to support and give insight to company projects. Since Fall 2012, we have successfully organized 80+ projects with a wide range of partners. Below, we proudly showcase an overview of recent winning projects from our School of Business Administration. Congratulations to all winners and thank you to all instructors and sponsoring companies who allowed this to happen. 

2020 SpringStrategic Marketing Analysis and PlanningDan FialaAll TeamsLes Goodies
EntrepreneurshipGabriele Meissner & Mark WiedornAll TeamsThe Miners
Customer Experience ManagementGabriele Meissner & David MuirAll TeamsThe Miners
Marketing CommunicationsAlena FoustkováAll TeamsProbation and Mediation Service
Introduction to Digital MarketingMark WiedornAll TeamsThe Miners
 Creative AdvertisingAlena Foustková & Scott CohenAll TeamsY&R Prague and Viña Tarapaca
Projects prior to Spring 2019 coming soon…

Information on AAU Student projects for possible clients can be found here.

Student Theses

AAU takes pride in its students’ research. One of the first research efforts of each scholar is the thesis. We recognize extraordinary efforts and award the best theses every year. See a list of awarded works below:


Angelina Liverko‘Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters’: Enhancement of Autonomy in Reproductive Negligence Carollann Braum & Alexandra Trochtova
Mihaela StratulatReporting of Good Versus Bad News in the Pharmaceutical IndustryPeter Bolcha
Projects prior to Spring 2019 coming soon…

Student Consulting

Please note: ICP 2020 is canceled globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are working on preparing ICP 2021 and hope to meet you next year!

International Consulting Program (ICP) developed in cooperation with the prestigious Virginia Commonwealth University brings together 20 students supervised by four faculty members from both universities. In June, teams work 14 days on hands-on intensive consulting projects for top-rank partners, such as Boscolo Hotel Prague, Eurojet Intercontinental, Slovenija Center, UNICEF, Verlag Dashoefer, Western Union and more.

This special 3-credit course teaches students how to conduct consulting engagements by providing both academic background through readings and classroom sessions, and practice application through solving real issues submitted by our project partners. We are proud to be affiliated with such exclusive and international brands, and, because they see the value in the input and ideas of ICP students, we have been able to continue regular cooperation over the past 7 years.

The intensive, 14-day program is accompanied by socializing and networking events, including dinners and weekend tours. AAU volunteers organize an interesting and beneficial student orientation, as well as informal evening beer meet-ups (Thanks to them!).

For more info please visit the Homepage of the ICP at VCU.