Public Relations

Course NamePublic Relations
Course CodeMKT368
DescriptionUpon successful completion of this course, students will have a basic understanding of the purpose, principles, and practice of Public Relations (PR) both as an independent discipline and as an integrated part of the complete marketing mix. A contemporary overview of Public Relations concepts as well as local and international business environments will be assessed using practical case studies.

It will be emphasized that each student has and will come into contact with Public Relations techniques throughout his or her life and that understanding this field will be to one’s benefit even though he or she may not use it directly in his or her field of work. Student will create a real PR Campaign proposal for an existing organization to further enhance their knowledge of this field. A wide variety of public relations techniques and operating areas are examined including Media Relations, International PR, the PR practitioner’s role, Content Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for example.