Studio Practice: Materials, Techniques & Methods of Painting

Course NameStudio Practice: Materials, Techniques & Methods of Painting
Course CodeART381
DescriptionThis painting course will center the use of the human figure as a primary subject of expression in Central European painting and technical studio instruction for this expression. After an introductory lecture, the class will move to the studio facilities to work directly from live models. Here students will be taught the basics of painting from the figure while simultaneously applying the experiences and knowledge gained from the lectures and the museums in Prague.Students will work primarily from the model, but should be inspired stylistically by the specific Expressionist characteristics of Central European art. The premise is that the Central Europe of Prague and Vienna developed according to its unique history and artistic heritage, which differed from the cultures of other European capitals and regions and that this can be a valuable source of inspiration for the contemporary artist.
Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this course, students will be able to:
– Understand and recognize the main characteristics of the Expressionist Figurative styles in Central European art;
– Demonsrate a basic working knowledge of the principles and techniques of figure painting, which include a basic knowledge of human proportions, anatomy, contour line, value, and color;
– Demonstrate the understanding and skills to use the Expressionist methods in one’s own work.
SchoolSchool of Journalism, Media, and Visual Arts
Number of credits (US / ECTS)3 US / 6 ECTS