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Study Abroad at AAU

AAU offers a variety of ways how students from universities and colleges all over the world can study abroad at AAU. Depending on the collaboration scheme with partner universities and other institutions and the type of program, study abroad students at AAU can receive their home university’s or AAU’s academic credit. Visa requirements and tuition fees also vary according to the length and terms of the program. 

General Information

AAU 2021 Summer Courses

University of Southern California Study Abroad Programs

The USC Fall Semester in Prague and the The USC Trojan Transfer Plan (TTP) – Freshman Year in Prague program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Czech culture and language all while relying on American education style and methodologies.

Kent State University Global Degree Program

The Global Degree Program is a partnership between Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic, and Kent State University in Kent, Ohio, in the United States.

International students from around the globe can study digital sciences, computer sciences or computer information systems at Anglo-American University in Prague for the first two years and then complete their U.S. degree at Kent State University in their final two years. 

AAU Summer Schools

Prague summers are ideal for joining two to six weeks programs on specific topics across academic fields, however closely connected to local context. AAU summer schools are open to individual students from all around the world and provide transferable academic credit.

2021: AAU 2021 regular face-to-face Summer Schools coming soon!

For more information on how to study abroad at AAU, please contact the program coordinator Marie Burda or the AAU Admissions Office: