Strategic Planning

Course NameStrategic Planning
Course CodeMGT430
DescriptionThe major objective of this course is to develop an understanding of strategic management planning process, concepts, research, and theories. Students will learn methods of business environment scanning, strategy formulation, implementation, and control. Integration of international issues throughout provides an essential understanding of global economics and its impact on business activities in a location.
This course serves as the capstone of the Business Administration Program. We study how a company effectively builds it strategy and learn through current readings and case studies covering which corporate strategies are the most successful and which are not, and why. Major strategic planning models, the strategy development process and strategic implementation are examined. The course is grounded in theory but will incorporate “real-life” examples and applications. The course is weighted towards current trends and practices in strategic planning management.
This course is meant to provide the foundations for the senior thesis (course) MGT435 where students will write their final thesis, present it and defend at State Exams. Writing the thesis involves many of the models, theories and approaches covered in MGT430.