Course NamePre-Composition
Course CodeCOM099
DescriptionCOM 099 is designed to improve students’ writing ability in preparation for university studies. It is a non-credit prerequisite for COM 101. COM 099 reviews and reinforces English spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage, as well as academic writing conventions. It engages students in the writing process (including drafting, revision and editing); makes them aware of audience, purpose and style; and builds an understanding of structure, cohesion and coherence across a variety of genres of academic writing.
Learning OutcomesUpon completion of the course, students will:
– Engage in the writing process including: generating and developing ideas, drafting, revising and editing;
– Recognize relationships between main and subordinate ideas;
– Understand that audience and purpose require specific lexical, syntactic and stylistic (formal vs. informal) choices;
– Write in a variety of genres; for example, personal and professional correspondence, narrative and descriptive, etc.;
– Develop vocabulary and knowledge of conventions appropriate to academic writing;
– Compose and combine clear, accurate sentences via coordination and subordination and transition;
– Compose well-structured paragraphs with topic sentences, supports, conclusions;
– Produce paraphrases and summaries;
– Compose a short expository essay with a clear thesis expressed in the introduction, supported by the body and reinforced in the conclusion.
SchoolSchool of Humanities & Social Sciences
Number of credits (US / ECTS)Non-credit