Introduction to Digital Marketing

Course NameIntroduction to Digital Marketing
Course CodeMKT203
DescriptionNote: This course is about the practical digital application of basic marketing theories and concepts and it is necessary for students to have a firm grounding in these basic tenets, which are covered in the prerequisite MKT 248 Introduction to Marketing at AAU, or an equivalent course at another accredited university.

This introductory level overview course will introduce students to major aspects of digital marketing including SEO, Analytics, Digital Strategy and Planning, Customer UX (User Experience), Website Design, the Role of Design, Content Creation and Marketing, New Media Platforms, PPC (Pay Per Click), Ad-Words, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-Commerce, Content Marketing and Management, and Mobile Marketing and Commerce. How these aspects of Digital Marketing can and should work synergistically will also be examined.

The initial part of the course will cover the beginnings of Digital Marketing, how and why it has developed over the years, and current trends. A major portion of the course will be spent on the digital channels and tools and social media, such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others. We will attempt to balance old and new perspectives through case studies and real-life marketing applications.

An important part of the course there will be student projects developing multi-media and written content for AAU and the AAU website in conjunction with AAU’s Marketing Department. The above topics will be covered from both a theoretical and practical “real-life” viewpoint with the emphasis on the practical. Students will choose and complete Google training modules.