Intro to Sociology

Course NameIntro to Sociology
Course CodeSOC100
DescriptionSOC 100 is an introduction to the study of society and to C. Wright Mills “sociological imagination”, wherein we analyze some of the central issues in society and their impact on our everyday lives. Throughout our course, we will study Sociology not only as an academic discipline but also as a way of perceiving and understanding the world around us. We will examine sociological theories in areas such as the institution of marriage and family, race and ethnicity, gender relations, social and class stratification, in order to develop the ability to relate to and get a better understanding of these various social issues surrounding us in the contemporary society.
Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this course, students should be able to:
– Comprehend the major theoretical and methodological perspectives in Sociology;
– Understand the key concepts of the modern science of Sociology;
– Define and describe main ideas of major sociological thinkers, and how they have impacted our outlooks today;
– Explain human behavior from a sociological perspective in the context of different cultures and be able to assess them in the context of their own setting;
– Understand their personal life in relation to broader social structures and change through the application of sociological perspective to human interactions, relationships, groups and social institutions;
– Produce work which evidences critical thinking, an inquisitive mind and logical analyses.
SchoolThe School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Number of credits (US / ECTS)3 US / 6 ECTS