Current Issues in International Relations from the Diplomatic Perspective

Course NameCurrent Issues in International Relations from the Diplomatic Perspective
Course CodeIRS507
DescriptionRunning complementarily to the Theories of IR, the course attempts to bridge the gap between the IR theoretical comprehension and the political practice of the current world affairs. The aim of the class is to explore selected topical issues in global politics from two perspectives. The first one uncovers the inner logic of the actors involved, their foreign policy making and diplomacy, their underlying assumptions. The other line attempts to achieve a more detached view by the confrontation of diverse academic interpretations stemming a.o. from various theoretical standpoints. Students practice an informed academic discussion in both oral and written form. The seminar debates cover the selected current international issues as well as the theoretical and methodological reflection.
Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this course, students will be able to:
– Analyze and discuss the processes, actors, structures and ideas which shape selected issues of the current world politics;
– Apply optics of various IR schools of thought to particular cases of international politics and vice versa, interpret chosen themes/situations from different theoretical positions;
– Identify and discuss ideological/theoretical assumptions underlying political thought of key international actors;
– Practice analytical and writing skills;
– Demonstrate an understanding of the requisite literature and engage in discussion of the subject;
– Think critically about (and get inspired by) the methods used by other authors and use it for one ́s own formulation of the research question, the preferred theoretical position, and the research design.
SchoolSchool of International Relations and Diplomacy (IRD)
Number of credits (US / ECTS)3 US / 6 ECTS
PrerequisitesIRS500 Theories of IR