Thesis in Politics and Society

Course NameThesis in Politics and Society
Course Code
DescriptionThe primary objective of this course is for students to produce a thesis, i.e, a substantial, original and sophisticated critical analysis of a topic, one which combines insights from a variety of humanities and social science areas of study. The thesis is a synthesis of individual research, knowledge acquired throughout the BA course of study, as well as a development of the thesis proposal produced in the Thesis Seminar course.
This course is conducted as an “independent study”; i.e., the student works individually with an advisor who is a specialist in their chosen area. Throughout the course, the advisor will orient the student toward relevant literature and resources, will give detailed and systematic guidance on theory and its application, as well as logical reasoning and the structure and composition of the thesis.
Learning OutcomesUpon completion of this course, students will be able to:
– Demonstrate the ability to create a cohesive and sound research design;
– Demonstrate the ability to conduct both primary and secondary research;
– Demonstrate the understanding of theory and its application;
– Demonstrate the ability to develop and support arguments with substantial relevant and credible evidence;
– Demonstrate the ability to cite resources accurately;
– Clearly and coherently communicate claims and findings in appropriate academic writing.