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Welcome to AAU

A word from our President

It is my distinct honor to deliver an official welcome address on behalf of Anglo-American University. You are enrolled in a very unique institution as AAU prides itself on being one of the most international universities in Central Europe. All students and academic staff are full-right members of a culturally diverse academic community. Our ethos and our academic mission are anchored in the fundamental belief that the coexistence of cultures and plurality of judgments promote the Popperian concept of open society, critical thinking, and mutual tolerance. Fully committed to the idea of building a better world, Anglo-American University will proudly trust in you to carry this mission forward first as students and later as AAU alumni.

As members of the AAU community, you have the privilege to enjoy not only the unmatched genius loci of Prague but also the enchanting beauty of our university campus, probably the most attractive one in the Czech Republic. Our students have always been actively involved in AAU activities, plans, and student life. Please, do not hesitate to voice your ideas and share your suggestions as only together we can further cultivate the quality of scholarship, community, and academic training. I am sure – to paraphrase the famous song by Elvis Presley – Anglo-American University will always remain on your mind.

Prof. Mgr. Jaroslav Miller, MA, PhD.,
Former President of Anglo-American University