Strategic Marketing Analysis & Planning

Course NameStrategic Marketing Analysis & Planning
Course CodeMKT430
DescriptionThis is the core class for both the Strategic Marketing Analysis & Planning (SMAP), and the Marketing and Communication emphasis study programs. The focus of this course is strategic marketing analysis for making marketing decisions and marketing planning. It, therefore, integrates knowledge acquired in other subjects in marketing (e.g., analysis of consumer behavior, brand management, market research) and business administration subjects (management, finance, and accounting). Students develop analytical skills, acquire a strategic perspective of marketing and learn to comprehend it as an integral part of the overall strategy of a company. Thus, the focus on the course is on the long-term planning and strategic vision of the company and the role of marketing within that. The course emphasizes the role of the strategic marketing plan as the framework for the internal organization of the company’s marketing activities and decisions.

Students will further have an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice by working on a real-world project.

The topics include (but are not limited to): Strategic Market Analysis (Strategic GAP
Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Framework, PLEESTIC Environmental Analysis, SWOT, GE 9 Cell Model, BCG Matrix, and Ansoff’s Matrix), strategy development, planning and implementation, strategy evaluation and control.

As the course title implies, after successfully completing this course, students will be
able to audit, analyze, and create an effective strategic marketing plan for a company.