Advanced Communication and Presentation Skills For Global Managers

Course NameAdvanced Communication and Presentation
Skills For Global Managers
Course CodeMGT368
DescriptionOne of the most important skills modern global managers need is the ability to communicateclearly, succinctly and effectively across multiple platforms and media, to multiple audiences. This course is an advanced presentation and communication skills class for future global managers. Students will develop and refine their oral, written and visual communication skills though practical, professional level exercises and assignments in a “workshop-like” learning environment.

This will include use of content writing, the “elevator pitch” for business ideas, presenting a short “Ted” like talk, developing and presenting a complete and in-depth business proposal with the emphasis on both content and format across multiple media. Various on-line platforms and new media will be utilized in the course including slideshare, Wix, LinkedIn, and others.

The differences, and benefits, of Linear Presentation and Communication, and Non-Linear will be reviewed. A key focus in the course will be on communicating visually and digitally. An additional focus will be on the nuances and subtleties of communication across cultures.