Professional Internship

Course NameProfessional Internship
Course CodeART 350 / HUM 698 / HSS 350 / JRN 350 / POS 341 / POS 541 / BUS349 / BUS 649
DescriptionThe goal of the Internship course is to help students discover the areas where the education they have received at AAU can be applicable, create a professional profile (CV, cover letter, LinkedIn) and start building a personal brand based on skills obtained during the internship.This course is designed to give students professional experience and insight related to their major. Students will obtain professional work experience related to their field of studies through an approved internship, which will be found with the assistance of the Career Development Specialist.

Additionally, students will gain insight to different industries through a series of career talks with experts from the fields. Career Development Specialist will provide training aimed at preparation of the job application package.
Students are evaluated based on seminars participation, several homework assignments (CV writing, professional profile, mock interview, individual career plan), and self- and supervisor evaluation at the end of their internship.