International Marketing

Course NameInternational Marketing
Course CodeMKT318
DescriptionThis intermediate course provides a comprehensive up-to-date theoretical and practical understanding of the differences between, and challenges of, successfully doing business internationally as compared with the domestic market. A basic understanding of business, marketing, and market research concepts, strategies, and tactics, as well as terminology is, therefore, assumed. The framework of the course is built upon marketing principles and applying them in international markets – including multi-cultural environments in different countries. The course includes a review of the international environment in terms of political, economic, socio-cultural and income differences and different buying habits to provide the context for the necessary analysis and decision-making. The course methodology combines studying the theory and practice of international marketing with real-life examples of success and failure in international consumer and business markets. Throughout the course there are practical exercises to evaluate the student’s understanding of how organizations can develop and implement an effective international marketing strategy and gain a competitive advantage. A final team project, which is developed by the students throughout the course, will be presented at the end of the course to demonstrate the student’s mastery of the topics studied.