Advanced Digital Marketing

Course NameAdvanced Digital Marketing
Course CodeMKT303
DescriptionThis advanced course addresses the practical and creative side of one of the most fast-changing aspects of modern marketing. Through a mix of practical examples, and theory and practice, students will learn how to best employ digital marketing in today’s complex business world. Students must demonstrate knowledge of core marketing functions as well as marketing planning, idea generation and creative expression, basic digital marketing (having successfully taken Intro. To Digital Marketing), and marketing communications (having successfully taken Marketing Communications). Building on marketing theory and concepts from previous courses, students will learn how to work within real world constraints. This class should include projects run in cooperation with partner organizations of AAU. Upon successful completion of this course, students will know how to create and run an effective digital marketing campaign. Every student will come into contact with digital marketing in their life and understanding this area of marketing will be to their benefit even though they may not use it directly in their work. The consistency of consumer response to successful digital marketing will be explored through the examination of various groundbreaking campaigns, past and present. Furthermore, new trends within the area of digital marketing will be assessed through specific case study analysis, reallife marketing applications, and guest speakers.
Learning OutcomesUpon successful completion of the course, students should be able to:
– Demonstrate an understanding of the overall marketing system from the marketing decision-maker’s viewpoint.
– Analyse and demonstrate an understanding of the various approaches available to digital marketing.
– Understand what digital marketing is and its role in today’s business world.
– Be aware of how customers’ behaviour and expectations are changing and how the digital marketer needs to adapt to these changes.
– Know which questions must be answered before a marketer can successfully plan a digital marketing campaign.
– Understand the difference in approach to media employed by digital marketers as opposed to general marketers.
– Demonstrate the ability to manage a digital marketing campaign.
– Demonstrate the ability to generate creative ideas.
– Understand the significance of target groups and personas when creating creative digital marketing copy
SchoolSchool of Business Administration (SBA)
Number of credits (US / ECTS)3 US / 6 ECTS
PrerequisitesMKT203, MKT248