School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Dr. Angel Hoekstra

Lecturer Humanities & Social Sciences

Karen Grunow-Hårsta, Ph.D.

Dean of School of Humanities & Social Sciences; Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Gerald Power, Ph.D.

Lecturer Humanities & Social Sciences, International Relations & Diplomacy

Daniel Padolsky, M.A.

Student Life Specialist, Senior Lecturer Business Administration, Student Services Center

doc. Dr. Jiří Kašný, Th.D.

Senior Lecturer, Department of Philosophical and Religious Studies

Ivan Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Lecturer; Chair, Department of English & Academic Writing

Andrew Giarelli, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer Humanities & Social Sciences

William Eddleston, Ph.D.

Faculty Senate Vice-President; Chair, Department of History, Senior Lecturer

Prof. Eva Eckert, Ph.D.

Distinguished Senior Lecturer Humanities & Social Sciences

prof. PhDr. Milada Polišenská, CSc.

Deputy to the President and Chief Academic Adviser; Distinguished Senior Lecturer International Relations & Diplomacy, Humanities & Social Sciences

Joshua M. Hayden, Ed.D.

Lecturer & Institutional Research Specialist Institutional Research Office