Gerald Power, Ph.D.

Lecturer, Chair of Department of History and Philosophy Humanities & Social Sciences, International Relations & Diplomacy

Letenska 5, Prague 1

Gerald Power is senior lecturer at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Power completed a Liberal Arts degree at the American College Dublin before undertaking doctoral studies at the National University of Ireland, Galway. His PhD thesis (2009) was published in 2012 as A European Frontier Elite: The Nobility of the English Pale in Tudor Ireland, 1496-1566. He edited, with Ondřej Pilný the collection of essays on Ireland and the Czech Lands: Connections and Comparisons in History and Culture (Bern, 2014). Dr. Power’s research interests have recently broadened to encompass problems in modern British foreign policy. He has published studies on the reception of Margaret Thatcher in the Czech lands, British cultural diplomacy in the Middle East, and is currently working on an AAU internal grant project focusing on British soft power in the Arab Gulf. Dr Power co-organizes the annual ‘Roundtable in Anglo-American Studies’ at AAU. He has been chair of the department of history and philosophy since 2022. 


British and Irish history, European history, history of British foreign policy, cultural diplomacy, Tudor British Isles

Select Publications:

POWER Gerald. ‘Education, Culture, and the British Position in the Arabian Gulf: The Establishment of the British Council in Kuwait, 1952-1955’. Britain & The World 15.1 (2022): pp. 47-65.

POWER Gerald and WEINFURTER Jaroslav. ‘Czech Responses to Thatcher and Thatcherism: The Evidence of the Newspapers, 1984-2013’, Central European Journal of International and Security Studies 11.4 (2017):. 44-65.

POWER Gerald. ‘Legitimizace moci na anglickém trůně [Legitimacy of the power of the English crown].’ In BĚRÁNEK Ondřej, ČERMANOVÁ Pavlína and HRUBY Jakub (eds.) Jedno slunce na nebi, jeden vládce na zemi: legitimace moci ve světě 14. století [One sun in heaven, one government on earth: the legitimization of power in the world of the fourteenth century], Prague: Academia, 2017. pp. 106-26.

POWER Gerald and MAGINN Christopher (eds). Frontiers, States and Identity in Early Modern Ireland and Beyond. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2016, pp. 240.

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