Nenad Pejic

Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nenad Pejic began his career as a journalist on Sarajevo public television. He became the Program Director in the pre-war time and stayed there after the conflict begun. Eventually he fled Sarajevo, became a refugee and became a fellow at The European Institute for the Media, based in Manchester, UK. In 1993, he moved to Munich, Germany, where he founded and became the director of South Slavic Languages Service at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. He reached the peak of his career at RFE/RL as Acting President and Co-CEO. Nenad ended his career as Vice President and Editor in Chief of the station. He is the author of screenplays for TV dramas and movies, one of which was internationally awarded. 

Since 1995, he has been based in Prague. Throughout his career, he hosted several official lectures for upcoming journalists in post-communist countries, including in Ohio State University, USA. 

Courses Taught

Media Ethics, Reporting in Times of Conflict


  • Reporting in the times of conflict 
  • Media ethics 
  • Media literacy 
  • Media management 
  • Restructuring of media outlets


  • We Cannot Plead Innocence, Reporting in Time of Conflict and Crisis 
  • Elections – Great Chance and Even Greater Trap 
  • Switch Off TV and Open Your Eyes 

TV Dramas and Movies

  • Injustice 
  • Masters of Darkness