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Graduate Nostrification Instructions

Recognition of Foreign University Diplomas  

In accordance with Act. No 111/1998 Coll. on Higher Education Institutions, prospective students aiming to study the degree program at Anglo-American University in Prague also within the Czech accreditation must also provide a certificate of recognition of their university education completed abroad. 

The recognition is the process of having previous education recognized by Czech authorities and is part of the process required for studying in the Czech Republic in a Czech-accredited program (or dual-accredited program at AAU).  

This process applies to all students who want to pursue a Czech-accredited degree and who do not have one of these university diplomas: CzechGermanHungarian, or Polish University Diploma, or Slovak University Diploma (with the exception of diplomas issued by Czech branches of Slovak universities after 28 March 2015), or Slovenian Master’s diploma. 

If you are a holder of one of the above listed diplomas, you may be admitted within the Czech accreditation after submitting originals or notary verified copies of the diploma and transcript. If you do not hold them, you may be admitted within the Czech accreditation only after submitting the certificate of recognition (an original or a notary verified copy).  

The certificate of recognition is issued by Czech public universities that offer a degree program with similar content to the one you completed. You are free to choose any relevant Czech public university. 

A list of all Czech state universities can be found:

Recognition Steps: 

1. Gather all required documents:

  • Completed application form (The application form is available on the website of the university through which you are applying for recognition, see the links for all state universities above).
  • Legalized diploma, transcript and diploma supplement (notary, apostille, or superlegalization – based on the country where your diploma was issued, see the list of requirements for each country here, and also check with the state university where you´ll be applying on whether they have any specific requirements).
  • Proof that the school which issued your diploma is integrated in the education system of your country (Generally, this is apparent from the diploma, transcript or diploma supplement. In case that it is not clear from the document, please ask the ministry of education in your country for the certificate that your school is accredited within your country’s educational system.).

2. Notarisation

AAU recommends submitting certified copies rather than originals. As such, please make sure to have your legalized documents, notary-verified in the Czech Republic.

3. Translation

If you are currently residing in the Czech Republic and you have to translate your documents, you should have the legalized and notary-verified documents translated into the Czech language by a registered Czech court translator.

  • Please select the option “Tlumočník” (translator) 
  • Choose “Jazyk” (language) – selecting the language from which they need to be translated 
  • Choose “Hlavní Město Praha” under “Kraj” (region) to be able to see the certified court translators only in the Prague region 
  • Confirm with “Hledat Záznamy” to search through available records 

If applying from abroad there is a possibility to translate and verify the translation of the legalized documents via a representative office of the Czech Republic.

  • For the purpose of foreign education recognition, the authorities in the Czech Republic will be accepting translations to Czech made abroad only if they are verified via an appropriate representative office of the Czech Republic – this process is called Verification of the correctness of the translation of a public document.
  • Do not perform any translation before you consult this matter with the representative office and are sure they can verify your translation.
  • There are different types of representative offices abroad
    • Embassies
    • General consulates
    • Honorary consulates

To get information about the translation of your authenticated documents and the verification of the translation you have to identify the appropriate office for you, a list of all the representatives offices of the Czech Republic can be found here.  

  • Steps to follow: 
    • Identify the appropriate representative office
    • Get in touch with the office and ask them to provide you with information on whether they can perform the Verification of the correctness of the translation of a public document, if they confirm it is possible inquire about where should you get the translation to Czech (some embassies have a translator on site some have external translators) 
    • Example of the verified translation sticker that the representative office should stamp your documents with can be found here.
    • In case the representative office cannot perform the verification of the translation, you will not translate the documents abroad because such translation would not be valid for official purposes in the Czech Republic.

4. Submitting documents

Submit all required documents to the public university which is going to complete your recognition. Please make sure to contact the public university before submitting your application.

AAU students who want professional assistance with recognition of prior education may contact Foreigners.czAAU students will receive a 10% discount for their services. 

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