Robert Warren, M.A.

Robert is an English-American political science graduate originally from Manchester, UK. He has been a member of AAU’s faculty since 2012. In 2014 he took over as head of the International Experience Project (MGT 314/514), taking AAU students to volunteer in Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Robert’s current research areas include postcolonial statecraft and the impact of big data on power dynamics.


Political Geography (IRS 250), Media in a Democracy (JRN 220), Topics in Political Communication (JRN 354), Academic Writing (COM 101/099), International Experience Project (MGT 314/514)


Political Science (statecraft, democratic theory, authoritarian regimes),

Political Geography (human geography, geopolitics, international relations),

Media theory (digital information dissemination, big data),

English Language (academics, essay writing, public speaking), thesis advising & opposing,

Humanitarianism & Volunteering.