Robert Warren, M.A.

Robert is an English-American lecturer and researcher of geopolitics and international relations. He teaches classes in political geography, political theory, media theory, and postcolonial international relations. He also runs yearly international volunteering/research projects for students, traveling to Brazil, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Robert is an active member of the AAU community, screening films for students of the AAU Film Club and organizing political discussions for the School of International Relations and Diplomacy’s Professors in the Pub series.


Political Geography (IRS 250), Postcolonial International Relations (IRS 375/675), Media in a Democracy (JRN 220), Intro to Politics (POS 101), International Experience Project (MGT 314/514)


political geography (human geography, geopolitics, international relations),

postcolonial statecraft (Westphalianism, nation-building, neo-imperialism, state corruption, “ungoverned spaces,” postcolonial separatism, civil war, interventionism)

critical theory (postcolonial theory, Marxism/neo-Marxism, cultural hegemony, hybridity, power/knowledge)

media theory (survival of the fourth estate: digital information dissemination, meta data analytics, surveillance capitalism, AI/machine-learning)