PhDr. Monika MacDonagh-Pajerová

In 1989, Monika was a Student Leader, and subsequently Diplomat and Cultural Attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Embassy in Paris and in the Council of Europe in the Cultural Committee in Strasbourg. She was also Head of the Press Dept. and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the headquarters in Prague.

Monika has published articles and books on various cultural topics, the European Union, and a personal diary from the 1980s and early years following the Velvet Revolution in 1989. She is married to Peter MacDonagh, an Irish historian, with whom she has two children and two grandchildren.


Late 20th-century transition to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, impact of Nazism and Communism on later democratic societies, Foreign Affairs and Diplomacy, especially concerning the relationship between the European Union and the United States of America.


“Students Wrote A Revolution” – Marek Benda, Martin Klíma, Monika Pajerová, Šimon Pánek, naklad. Universum, 1990

“Out of the Page” – Dialogues with Czech poet Jiří Kolář, naklad. Union, 1994. (awarded “The Most Beautiful Book of the Year” by the Ministry of Culture of CR)

“New Ideas in Science And Society” publ. by the Council of Europe, Strasbourg, 1996

„One Hundred Student Revolutions“ with Milan Otáhal a Miroslav Vaněk, naklad. Lidové noviny, 1999. 

“Portrait of the Czech Society on the Threshold of Europe”, naklad. Petrov, Brno, 2004.

“We Are in Europe – What Next?” with V. Nekvapil, naklad. Petrov, Brno, 2004.

“Democracy In Europe“ with Christian Lecquesne, naklad. Prostor, Prague, 2007.

“Europeans Write About Europe”, naklad. Rybka, Prague 2008.

„Take A Flower With You! Personal Diaries 1980 – 1990“ – Monika MacDonagh-Pajerová, naklad. Prostor 2014.

“One Hundred Student Revolutions 30 Years After“ by Miroslav Vaněk and ÚSD AV, naklad. Academia, 2019.

„The Velvet Revolution 30 Years After“ – Olga Sommerová, Monika MacDonagh-Pajerová, Daniel Kroupa, Jolyon Naegele and Jan Sokol, naklad. Karolinum, 2019.

“That Day” – Aleš Palán and students of FF UK, naklad. Kalich 2019.

“An Uncertain Nation? Reflections on the Czech Thirty Years 1989-2019“ – with Petr Hlaváček, Collegium Europaeum and naklad. Academia, 2019.

„17 Personalities from 17 Faculties of the Charles University“ – Univerzita Karlova, naklad. Karolinum 2019. 

TV and Film Documentaries:

„The European from Janov“– ČT – režie David Vondráček

„Seven Student Leaders 20 Years After“ – ČT by Rebeka Bartůňková – Křižanová

„In The Footsteps of A Revolution“ – ČT by Igor Chaun

„Europe And Me“ – ČT by Blanka Kubíková

„The Student Revolts“ – ČT by Olga Sommerová

„The Power of the Powerless“ – Agora Production by Cory Taylor

Author and moderator of Programmes for the Czech Television:

“Shall we get on?”, “ The Studio Europe “ and “The European Manual”.

Articles in daily press, Czech Radio and Czech Television Programmes at, and 

Awarded the Honors for the Third Resistance of the Czech Republic for pre-1989 dissident activities. Awarded Ordre de Merit of the French Republic for fostering European cooperation during the Czech Republic accession process.