Mohamed Badredine Tachouche, Ph.D.

Mohamed Badredine Tachouche (Badr) is an Adjunct Lecturer in English Composition. In addition to his teaching career, Dr. Tachouche is a screenwriter and co-producer of TV shows and documentaries. His experiences include working and collaborating with the National Algerian TV in Algeria, Sky Deutschland in Germany, IKI Group of Institutes in Morocco, and the Forum For Promoting Peace in the United Arab Emirates in English, French and Arabic.

He earned his Ph.D. and MA in Humanities at the University of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah in Morocco. He got a Baccalaureate in Literature and Foreign Languages and was trained in Translation and English Language at Badji Mokhtar University. He has a Diploma in Journalism from Ecopresse, an accredited journalism school in Algeria, and several pieces of training in theater, music, and fine arts at Le Palais De La Culture in Algeria.

Current Projects:

  • His novella “Olena. The Rules of Peace” about how the war in Ukraine is reshaping societies and promoting pluralism, is in print with Austin Macauley – UAE.
  • Completed a feature drama-thriller about Prague’s experience with Radicalism between 2014 and 2018. (Film in review).
  • He is writing a short drama about drugs and children in the Czech Republic.
  • He writes and hosts a web documentary about world ethnic and traditional music from an anthropological perspective.
  • When he has some free time he exhibits his illustrations and sculptures or performs oriental music.


Literature and Humanities, Language, Arts, and Religion in Medieval Spain (Al Andalus), Middle East and North Africa (MENA Region): History, Culture, Religion, Schools of Thought, Civilization, Languages and Ideological Conflicts. Arabic Phonetics, Poetry, and Music.

Courses Taught:

  • MENA Region: History, Culture, Languages and Ideological conflicts, Old and Modern Islamic Schools of Thought, Religion, Hermeneutics, Arabic and Islamic Manuscripts, Sacred Arts, Arabic Language Sciences, Reporting, Hosting and Vocal Techniques, Arabic Languages for French Students.

Publications & other Activities:

Dr. Tachouche is a regular writer for Al Tanweeri Magazine published by the Arab League of Enlightened Arab Educators in Jordan.

  • 2022: Speaker. African Conference of Peace. Topic: Traditional Arts against Radicalism in Africa. Nouakchott – Mauritania.
  • 2022: Guest & Producer. Animator International Film Festival. Poznań – Poland.
  • 2021: Speaker & Trainer. Modal Music Project. Topic: Andalusian Poetry; Muswashshah and Zajal – Theoretical and Practical Session. Prague – Czech Republic.
  • 2020: Guest. Emirates Fatwa Council. Webinar: The Jurisprudence of Emergencies during COVID-19. Abu Dhabi – UAE.
  • 2019: Delegate. Religions For Peace, Assembly. Lindau – Germany.
  • 2016: Researcher. Faculty of Literatures and Human Sciences, Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University. The Methodologies of Editing Arabic Manuscripts. Fes – Morocco.
  • 2016: Speaker. Ministry of Culture. National Conference: Beauty in Early Arabic Literature. Topic: Al Burda Poem in Fiqh Sources. Annaba – Algeria.
  • 2015 – 2018: Guest & Reporter. The Forum For Promoting Peace. Abu Dhabi – UAE.
  • 2015: Speaker. Illusion Communication Agency in collaboration with the Regional Administration of Tourism. National Seminar. Topic: Tourism and Ethics. Annaba – Algeria.
  • 2015: Speaker. Algerian Scholars Association. Public Conference. Topic: Selected Biographies of Algerian Scholars, 10th to 17th Century. Annaba – Algeria.
  • 2015: Speaker. Al Bashayer School. Public Conference. Topic: Family Law in Muslim Countries, Globalization and Contemporary Jurisprudential Approaches. Annaba – Algeria.
  • 2013: Researcher. Ismael Ben Darras Center of Theological Studies. Public Conference: Approaching Ash’arism. Fes – Morocco.