Andrew Giarelli, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer

Andrew L. Giarelli, Ph.D, is a folklore scholar and a journalist. He has taught at New York University, Utah State University, and Portland State University in the United States; he has twice been a senior Fulbright lecturer (Malta 1993, Slovakia 2011). He is a long-term lecturer in journalism and literature at AAU; he also teaches in the Department of North American Studies at Charles University and in the Comparative Literature department at the University of Vienna.

Giarelli is a widely published nonfiction writer and was faculty founder of Portland State University’s graduate nonfiction writing program and founder of the regional magazine Edging West in the latter 1990s. He served as contributing editor for World Press Review from 1980-2000. He has written on press issues, European culture and politics, and the American West for print and online media, including National Geographic Traveler, Far Eastern Economic Review,,,, and The San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle. He has lived on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana, where he collected narratives for his dissertation, The Temporal Structure of Cheyenne Narrative. He has a B.A. from Yale University and a Ph.D. from the State University of New York at Buffalo.


Folklore and Mythology, International Journalism, Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Magazine Writing and Editing

Publications & Other Activities

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