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Business Administration (Major)

The B.A. in Business Administration (Major) is a dually accredited program. You will get both an American and European BA degree for a single price. The program is delivered by an international faculty with top qualifications and experience in the business world.

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Accreditation WASC + NABHE
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Duration 3 years
Location Prague, CZ
Tuition EU 685 020 CZK
Tuition NON-EU 793 020 CZK
Intake Fall / Spring
Deadline Rolling Admission
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About the program

The B.A. in Business Administration (Major) is a dually accredited program. You will get both an American and European BA degree for a single price. The program is delivered by an international faculty with top qualifications and experience in the business world.

This program is ideal for students seeking wide-ranging knowledge in the field of business and market economy, management, marketing, and finance. This option is suited to students whose primary aim is the breadth, rather than depth, of knowledge in a specific area, for transferring students who may have completed courses that correspond to this general approach, or for those with a creative streak who wish to devise their own curriculum.

Students of the extended major will combine in-class theory with real-world problem solving, including practical experience at a business in the area of their choice. They will develop qualitative as well as quantitative thinking skills while becoming proficient in foreign languages, communication, and writing. As graduates, students of the extended major will be prepared for the most competitive and dynamic jobs on the market, and be able to manage their own career development, as well as the development of other individuals and groups.

What I enjoy most about AAU is its diverse and engaging environment. The smaller class sizes allowed me to make meaningful connections with faculty members and students, and facilitated networking, which is extremely important in the business world, and has enabled me to seek out the right opportunities.

Kristian Pankulych, Business Administration, Student

Beyond the classroom, you can join student clubs like Business Club or participate in hands-on programs like the International Consulting Program. AAU’s Career Center also connects students with numerous professional internships in the Czech Republic and abroad every year.

Program Structure

Business Administration (Major) is a 3-year study program. To graduate, students must accumulate 90 US credits (180 ECTS credits) by completing 30 courses. This program does not include a specific concentration, instead, students are required to take more major courses which allow for more choice of electives

For the Business Administration (Major) program, the following minors are available:

  • International Relations
  • Humanities, Society and Culture

Having passed all the required and elective courses, students complete their studies by taking graduation examination: state exam covering the major module and thesis defense.

For more information on the modular structure and the study program, please contact our admissions team at admissions@aauni.edu.

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the B.A. in Business Administration can expect to:

  • Demonstrate broad knowledge in the field of business administration with a critical understanding of organizational theories and principles.
  • Apply theoretical management, accounting, finance, and marketing knowledge to real workplace situations.
  • Utilize quantitative and qualitative analysis to address challenges facing businesses today in order to assist the development of strategic advantages in a competitive environment.
  • Express findings and developments effectively using both current technology and written skills.

Career Prospects

AAU graduates thrive in multinational environments and are able to communicate professionally in English to international audiences. As a graduate of this degree program, you will be well equipped to continue your studies or pursue a global career in areas such as: 

  • financial analyst
  • audit assistant,
  • business consultant
  • credit analyst
  • data analyst
  • portfolio manager
  • account manager
  • fundraiser
  • entrepreneur
  • event coordinator / planner / manager
  • lead generator, marketing assistant / executive / manager (domestic / international / global),
  • marketing strategy manager, marketing analyst, market(ing) researcher, public relations manager, campaign manager, client executive, project manager, sales executive / manager, marketing manager, HR manager, business information system consultant.

Qualification Awarded

The Bachelor’s degree awarded is concurrently recognized as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in the United States, per AAU’s accreditation by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, and as a Bakalář (Bc.) in the Czech Republic, per AAU’s accreditation by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education (NABHE). Graduates may select whether to use the U.S. post-nominal or the Czech pre-nominal title.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We provide a wide range of scholarships, tuition discounts, and financial aid options to help make quality education more accessible. To learn more please visit our dedicated Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

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We do almost all of our projects in small international teams, and we work together like we would in a business company and synergize our different ideas. There's flexibilities to meet with teachers outside of class, and ask them questions, not just specifically things we learn in the class.

Ann Connolly
Business Administration, United States of America

I like AAU because it’s very diverse and you can take as many classes as you want, including ones not connected to your degree. That way you can grow as a person. I enjoy basically every hour I spend here and I feel like I’m getting value for every class and I feel very connected to the people around me.

Anastasia Mezenina
Business Administration, Russian Federation

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