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Visual Art Studies (Major)

It is a 3-year, internationally accredited program offering a modern and interdisciplinary education in Visual Arts combining courses in art history, a range of multi-level art-studio options, film and new media, and arts management. You will earn a globally recognized American and European B.A. degree.

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Accreditation WASC
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Duration 3 years
Location Prague, CZ
Tuition EU 685 020 CZK
Tuition NON-EU 793 020 CZK
Intake Fall / Spring
Deadline Rolling Admission
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About the program

The B.A. in Visual Art Studies (major) is delivered by a diverse faculty of artists, academics and art professionals. Students can expect to gain a solid background in art history and theory, with a range of studio-art classes to develop skills in any area of the visual arts, from introductory to advanced level of skills. The program also has a unique emphasis on art management and curatorial studies. The program combines historical foundations across the centuries with an emphasis on the international modern and contemporary art scene.

AAU was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. It gave me start for my future career, knowledge and priceless experience of studying in international environment. I learned how to overcome difficulties, how to achieve my aspirations and goals. Even a year and half after graduation I still think of AAU as of the place which helped me to grow and understand who I want to be.

Malika Vitarigova, AAU Alumni

Study Visual Art Studies in the heart of Europe

AAU’s Visual Art Studies program naturally has a focus on Central European developments, as Prague has been a Central European arts and cultural center for many centuries, and even in the harsher periods of Nazi occupation and Communism, the region has never diminished in terms of individual artists, art movements and overall artistic achievements. The wide range of art studio classes are all taught by active and well-established artists; arts management classes are taught by experienced curators and art managers fully engaged in the contemporary art world, and since Prague is so close to Berlin, Vienna, and Dresden, it is at the heart of the International art scene.

Practically all of the courses in the study program go beyond the classroom experience, as Prague is a unique living embodiment of art and architectural history in Europe. AAU is nearby several national museum and gallery buildings, some within walking distance or within a very short time by public transportation. The contemporary art scene in Prague is also multinational, while AAU’s study body adds a deeper multicultural flair to the city.

Students can join an array of clubs, but especially for the art-focused ones, there is Figment, which plans to organize workshops, guest talks, exhibitions and other related activities. Internship opportunities are also well developed due to the many galleries and art-related Czech or international institutions that are based in Prague. 

AAU has small art-studio facilities on campus and we are striving to provide external studios in cooperation with local art organizations, which have appropriate facilities. 

Students in the final year can receive a Visual Art Studies Scholarship for final projects.

Program Structure

Visual Art Studies is a 3-year study program. To graduate, students must accumulate 90 US credits (180 ECTS credits) by completing 30 courses. This program does not include a specific concentration, instead, students are required to take more major courses which allow for more choice of electives

Below, you can find the study plan for the Visual Art Studies program as well as a list of courses available to choose from. 

Study Modules

For the Visual Art Studies program, the following minors are available:

  • Business Administration 
  • Humanities Society and Culture
  • Journalism and Media Studies
  • International Relations

Having passed all the required and elective courses, students complete their studies by taking graduation examination: state exam covering the major module, state exam covering the concentration module, thesis defense.

For more information on the modular structure and the study program, please contact our admissions team at admissions@aauni.edu.

Student Work

In partnership with .ART Domains, AAU provides all Visual Art Studies and Journalism students with standard domains and website builders to prepare them for their journey as professional artists. As a part of the curriculum, students choose their own domain names, create online portfolios and track their progress throughout their three-year program.

View a sampling of student exhibitions here:

  • The Hybrid Canvas: AI versus Humans. Curated by AAU student Nicole Slusser for completion of studies Spring 2023. Artists: Alexey Shahov and David Čáp. Date: May 29, 2023 at Reunion Gallery, Prague 2
  • Inspiratio-imitari. Curated by AAU student Klara Mahoas for completion of studies Spring 2023. Artists: Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939), Piotr Lencki, Olivier Brut, Hugues Mahoas, Adela Oliva, Siegfried Herz, Nepheli Barbas, Matous Hasa, Michaela Fenkl, Payo Sanf, Ewa Zurakowska, based in 2095, Jules Roux, Henrique, Sey, Dorota Cicatkova. Dates: May 20-June 8, 2023 at the French Institute of Prague, Gallery 35
  • ECOSEX. Curated by AAU student Dorota Cicatkova for completion of studies Fall 2023. Artists: Darina Alster, Kristina Bukovcatkova, Veronika Cechmankova, Eva Macekova, Martin Pondelicek. Dates: January 3-5, 2024 at the Slovak Institute in Prague
  • Untraditional Childhood. Painting exhibition by AAU student Annushka Litchie (invited to be part of the 8th annual Lednice-Valtice Music Festival). Dates: September 28-October 30, 2023 at Havlicek Villa, Breclav-Postorna (South Moravia)

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the B.A. in Visual Art Studies can expect to:

  • Learn and participate in all of the various aspects of the contemporary art world
  • Develop skills in art studio electives according to each student’s own level of expertise and interest
  • Understand the complex world of art from historical, theoretical and economical perspectives
  • Be qualified for advanced studies in art history or art studio, and research and curatorial or art fellowships
  • Communicate professionally, decisively and strategically in verbal and written English; our graduates are able to identify, describe and discuss complex issues and debates to international audiences

Career Prospects

AAU graduates thrive in multinational environments and are able to communicate professionally in English to international audiences. This program is also an ideal primer for the pursuit of an MFA. As a graduate of this degree program, you will be well-equipped to continue your studies or pursue a global career in areas such as: 

  • New Media 
  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising
  • Museum/Gallery work
  • Art Exhibitions
  • Heritage Protection and Conservation
  • Public Administration
  • Art NGO’s or Institutions

Interesting internship opportunities for VAS:  Kunsthalle Praha, Latin Art Gallery, Jindrich Chalupecky  Society, Centre of Contemporary Arts Gallery, Meetfactory.

Qualification Awarded

The Bachelor’s degree awarded is concurrently recognized as a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in the United States, per AAU’s accreditation by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, and as a Bakalář (Bc.) in the Czech Republic, per AAU’s accreditation by the National Accreditation Bureau for Higher Education (NABHE). Graduates may select whether to use the U.S. post-nominal or the Czech pre-nominal title.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

We provide a wide range of scholarships, tuition discounts, and financial aid options to help make quality education more accessible. To learn please visit our dedicated Financial Aid and Scholarships page.

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It's a great opportunity to study art in such a cultural center as Prague. The professors, often artists or important theoreticians on the Czech contemporary scene, take advantage of the vast possibilities and make their lectures outside of the classrooms. Earning the merit-based scholarship also motivates me to do my best. No other English university in Prague offers its students an education like AAU.

Marketa Hrehorova
Visual Arts Studies, Czech Republic

AAU is more than a university, it’s a very special community that helps create special bonds with teachers and classmates. It doesn’t put you into the box but rather teaches you to be yourself and choose your own path. It gives you just enough autonomy and support to achieve your goals.

Katherine Dedukh
School of Journalism and Media, Student

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