Now the school year has come to an end, it’s time to celebrate and give congratulations to the winners of the AAU Awards! These awards allow us to show appreciation for outstanding individuals in the AAU community. Special thanks to our Student Council for taking the time to get dressed up and share a video announcement through social media.

The Awards are divided into the following categories: General Awards, Individual Awards (including breakdown per school), and Staff Awards.

General Awards

  • Best Course: Creative Writing with Anthony Marais
  • Best Online Adapted Course: Decision making with Joshua Hayden
  • Best AAU Club: Model UN and Diplomacy Club, Business Club
  • Lennon Wall Article of the Year: “Students Mental Health in the Age of COVID” by Dominika Szapuova
  • Lennon Wall Staff Member of the Year: Editor-in-chief, Iryna Volkovska and Multimedia Section Editor, Maegan Comer

Individual Awards

  • Student Council Members of the Year: President, Liza Miezejeski; Vice President, Besultan Kalbekov; Public Relations Manager, Iryna Volkovska
  • Distinguished Artist of the Year: Sasha Melnikov
  • AAU Spirit Award: Ify Nsoha
  • Outstanding Scholar of the year: Nela Tomzcyk
  • Leadership Award: Besultan Kalbekov

School of Business Administration Individual Awards

  • Teacher of the Year: Joel Imhoof
  • Student of the Year: Lindsay Salvati

School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts Individual Awards

  • Teacher of the Year: Robert Warren
  • Student of the Year: Ines Plunger, Ayan Abbasli

School of International Relations & Diplomacy Individual Awards

  • Teacher of the Year: Zuzana Veselá
  • Student of the Year: Silvia Mercade

School of Humanities & Social Sciences Individual Awards

  • Teacher of the Year: Angel Hoekstra
  • Student of the Year: Josephine D’Urso

School of Law Individual Awards

  • Teacher of the Year: Richard Akel
  • Student of the Year: Rumbidzai Hodzonge, Jade Hamilton

Staff Awards

Thank you to all those who voted, to our student council for putting together the award announcement and to all the nominees and winners of this year’s AAU Awards. Congratulations on a successful year, everyone!