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Lennon Wall

Published quarterly in print and online since October 2000, the Lennon Wall is a nonpartisan platform for aspiring writers, journalists, photographers, and graphic designers. 

About The Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall is a famous landmark located in close proximity to our campus in the Mala Straná district of Prague. This once ordinary wall has become a colorful and global symbol for peace and freedom of thought built upon the outspoken voices of young people. 

Lennon Wall Magazine upholds similar values of freedom and democracy. The magazine is independent of AAU’s governing body’s influence, thus providing balanced unbiased coverage of university and world news. The Lennon Wall aims to empower young artists and give students a platform.

Get Involved

All students are welcome to contribute. Are you passionate about journalism, writing, photography, video-making, PR, or marketing? Joining the Lennon Wall is a great way to meet people, share your student experience, and develop skills that will serve you in your professional career. 

Why contribute?

  • Enhance professional skills and expand your network.
  • Showcase/publish your work.
  • Strengthen your CV/resume.
  • Receive a recommendation letter from the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Attend art galleries, concerts, and cultural events in Prague for free.
  • Qualify for the Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship.

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