The Student Services Center offers new and prospective students the information and assistance required for all types of registration. The Admissions, Registration, and Payments Specialists can all be found in this office.


Our Admissions Specialists are available to advise applicants on essential documents and their application timeline. Our specialists also make all Erasmus arrangements and organize the ITP-TOEFL test.



Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 17:00

Student Services

The Student Services Specialists are available to help all registering students understand what courses are available, and to provide any necessary official school forms and documents. They should also be contacted if any applicant is interested in AAU housing options. 

Confirmations & Transcripts

Once a student has registered and is in good financial standing, a “confirmation of studies” letter can be issued by the Student Services Center. This is the only condition under which such a letter may be given.

Students may, at any time, request an unofficial transcript from the Student Services Center.

Official transcripts, confirmed by the Student Services Center, are available on request (the request form is available at the Student Services Center). Students who need official transcripts as part of the admissions process for post-graduate study or for transferring to another educational institution should provide the Student Services Center with the address to which it should be sent.

Information about course and results of education concerning a specific student will not be released without the explicit written consent of the student concerned. 

To receive either type of transcript, a student must be in good financial standing with the iInstitution.

Social, Health Benefits, and Tax Allowances

Students registered for AAU programs, which are accredited by Czech Ministry of Education who have permanent residency in the Czech Republic are eligible for social benefits. All students are entitled to claim tax allowances in accordance with Income Taxes Act. More information about how to apply for these is available from the Student Services Center.

Students with Czech health insurance must announce the beginning, interruption and the end of their studies at AAU to their respective insurance company. In order to do so, a confirmation of studies is needed and can be obtained at the Student Services Center. During an interruption of studies, students do not maintain student status and are therefore responsible for paying their health insurance themselves.

Student ID’s (Identification Cards)

Student Services Center issues identification cards for all students. The ID is an AAU branded International Student Identification Card (ISIC), i.e. it serves all internal purposes at AAU and also serves as a standard ISIC card outside of AAU.

The AAU ISIC card is provided to students for a discounted price of 100 CZK. Replacement cards are charged at the full price of 290 CZK. To extend the validity of ISIC, you have to buy the extension stamp in the Student Services Center for a price 180 CZK.

The AAU ISIC card also serves as a copy card for printing and making photocopies as described below.

Granted Copies

Students can make copies at the designated copy machine in the library (Letenská 1). Students can print in the Computer Lab (Letenská 5) and in the Printing Center (Letenská 5). AAU ISIC card serves as a printout/copy card. It can be obtained at the Student Services Center (see above).

The card can also be charged at the Student Services Center. Every student gets 100 CZK credit per each registered course. The costs of printing and copying are 1.20 CZK per page.

Changes to any rules concerning granted copies or printing will be announced through posted announcements and/or e-mail notification.


In case a student needs an Apostille stamp on his/her diploma, he/she should proceed according to the instructions, which can be obtained in the Student Services Center upon request.


When a student has completed all but five courses (15 semester credits) in his/her program of study, the student should submit to their School of Study an application for graduation, an official transcript and pay the graduation fee of 2,500 CZK, to the Bursar. The application also serves also as a registration for the state exams (see section on state exams above).

The deadlines for the submission of the application for graduation (and registration for the state exams) are:

  • October 31 – for the state exams in January

  • February 28 – for the state exams in June

  • June 30 – for the state exams in September (not available for all study programs)

Applications for graduation must be submitted if a student plans to graduate in the current year, regardless of whether he/she plans to participate in the scheduled graduation ceremony. If a student’s graduation request to graduate is not approved then he/she must re-apply the following semester.

The AAU graduation ceremony takes place once a year, typically at the end of June. The specific date is announced in the academic calendar.

Students who want to participate in this ceremony must submit the graduation application by February 28. Graduation regalia, invitations, and translation devices will be ordered according to information provided in the applications. No applications will be accepted after the application deadline.

Diplomas and the ECTS Diploma Supplements are printed and issued in October and February.


AAU’s Bursar is available to answer all questions regarding tuition and other financial needs.


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