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Journalism, Media & Visual Arts

The School of Journalism, Media, and Visual Arts offers two undergraduate Bachelor Arts programs that train students to be competent and multi-skilled specialists in print, new media, and all forms of modern journalism and visual arts.

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Students in the School of Journalism, Media, and Visual Arts learn professional standard techniques and skills from AAU’s diverse faculty, many of which who are practicing professionals in the field or in their craft.

Journalism & Communications students combine classroom theory with hands-on skills in news-writing and gathering for print and web media, digital tools and photography, video production, broadcasting, and visual culture.

While Visual Arts students are in the perfect location to be immersed in Prague’s vast array of ancient and modern art and architecture. Students of AAU’s Visual Arts program move from theoretical analysis to putting brush to canvas.

All SMJVA Students swiftly apply these skills in the art studio or in the field by completing real-world exercises in various forms of journalism, reporting, and composition.

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Tony Ozuna, M.A.

Dean, School of Journalism, Media & Visual Arts
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