Connecting You with Your Professional Future

At AAU we offer excellent internships based on our students’ particular majors. Through well-kept relationships, our company database is constantly growing providing students with a wide range of professional directions to follow.

We work hard to ensure that students have maximum exposure to working professionals, entrepreneurs, agencies, non-profits, as well as small businesses and corporate culture. In this way, you can maximize your opportunities to succeed.

Our Student Life & Career Center Specialist Iveta Morávková is a trained professional who can assist you in a variety of areas:


Why do an internship? For some students, an internship is the ultimate way to explore a career. For others, an internship is a great way to gain relevant experience that will make them a stronger candidate for employment after graduation. It is a significant connection between academic studies and work experience.

Throughout the internship the students can gain a valuable insight into what they can expect and experience within the field of their study. Therefore AAU supports all the students and helps them to find the most valuable placement.

Look below for the links that will help you to begin the internship course process.


The Career Center strives to offer students opportunities that are intended to enhance their educational and professional experiences. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by visiting the links below, which can help you to begin preparation for the career seeking process. There are also occasional programs presented to students that are looking for enhancement of skills such as interviewing and CV building.

  • Interviewing techniques – A comprehensive look at the dos and don’ts when facing a job interview.

Work opportunities

Whether students are searching for a paid job or unpaid internship experience, the Career Center is here to help. We offer guidance on how to obtain a job, what job may be right for you, and how to improve your educational experiences through work. Students are welcome to look through opportunities that the Career Center offers, as well as look at which companies have professional partnerships with AAU. 

  • Internships – Applicants may choose from a wide variety of companies to get the most from their introduction into the professional world.
  • Part-time jobs – Combine work and study with a choice of part-time working opportunities.
  • Career expos – Unsure about which direction you would like to take after university? Attend our career expo to help you decide.
  • Partners – AAU is proud to count many successful international and local companies and organizations among its partners. Above are just a few of the companies where AAU students have completed their internships, or that have cooperated with AAU on projects related to the Career Center.
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