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Tuition & Financing

Tuition at AAU varies depending on the number of classes registered, the degree you are seeking, and the scholarships you may receive. Our internationally accredited programs are provided for only a fraction of the cost of similarly accredited programs around the world. As such, you can earn a fully accredited U.S. bachelor’s degree in three years instead of four. This is only possible because of the unique combination of European and US accreditation that AAU has, saving you a year of your life! In addition, our scholarships and payment plans make attending AAU possible for students from all over the world.

Unlike many other private universities, AAU is a not-for-profit, NGO institution meaning we reinvest every cent of your tuition into your education and the education of your peers!

General Tuition & Fees

Program TypePrice per semesterPrice Per degree
Undergraduate (BA) students, who are EU / EFTA nationals or Czech permanent residents4 963.91 USD / 4 585.14 EUR / 114 170 CZK29 783.48 USD / 27 510.84 EUR / 685 020 CZK
Undergraduate (BA) non-EU / non-EFTA students5 746.52 USD / 5 308,03 EUR / 132 170 CZK34 479.13 USD / 31 848.19 EUR / 793 020 CZK
Graduate (MA) students, who are EU / EFTA nationals or Czech permanent residents4 963.91 USD / 4 585.14 EUR / 114 170 CZK19 855.65 USD / 18 340.56 EUR / 456 680 CZK
Graduate (MA) non-EU / non-EFTA students5 746.52 USD / 5 308.03 EUR / 132 170 CZK22 986.09 USD / 21 232.13 EUR / 528 680 CZK
Tuition fees are set in CZK; amounts in USD or EUR are only indicative of the February 2024 exchange rate.
* The above prices apply from the Fall Semester 2024 and for payments made after March 15, 2024.
Prices may increase after August 31, 2024.

Auditing Students

Auditing students can apply to AAU as an Auditing Student if you are planning to take specific courses for your own self-enrichment, without receiving a grade and academic credits. Auditing students pay 50 % of the base tuition for any chosen course.

Financial Policy & Supporting Documents

For information regarding the tuition, fees and refund policy, please see the AAU Financial Policy. In addition, see the supporting document, the Announcement of Tuition and Fees.

AAU’s Federal School Code is 039935 for 529 Plans only.