At AAU, we have a long history of providing our students with accessible and comprehensive financial assistance.

Through a series of financial incentives, you can better manage your tuition costs, helping keep a distinguished education affordable.

For those students who produce exceptional work we have a series of accessible and comprehensive scholarship programs, ranging from 10% to 100% of your tuition covered.

Financial aid is also available in the form of manageable installments of tuition, as well as the opportunity to work at AAU while you study.

Merit-Based Scholarship

A Merit-Based Scholarship is awarded to a student for excellent study results, fulfilling conditions set forth by the President and published in the Scholarship Policy.


  • Merit-Based Scholarships are awarded to students who have already completed at least 48 ECTS credits or 24 US credits at AAU. For the LL.B. program the requirement is completion of all Level Four courses. For the Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law the requirement is completion of all standard first year courses.
  • A students’ GPA is calculated cumulatively from the beginning of the studies of a program at AAU.
  • The Merit-Based Scholarship can only be awarded to students who have taken at least 4 courses during the previous obligatory semester at AAU and have no “Incomplete.” LL.B. students must take at least 3 courses and the scholarship only applies to AAU tuition. It does not apply to AAU fees and University of London tuition and fees.
  • The value of the scholarship is calculated within 10 days after the end of the add/drop period of the semester to which the Merit-Based Scholarship applies.
  • Students who register for the next semester prior to the end of the current semester are assigned tuition that does not yet reflect the Merit–Based Scholarship. Eligible students that have already paid the tuition may select to receive either a refund or tuition credit for future studies.
  • Merit-Based Scholarships do not apply to MBA program and auditing students.
GPA Award
3.9-4 100%
3.8-3.89 70%
3.7-3.79 50%
3.6-3.69 30%
3.5-3.59 10%
LL.B. UK Numerical GA Scholarship Level
68 and higher 100% off tuition
66 - 67.99 70% off tuition
64 - 65.99 50% off tuition
62 - 63.99 30% off tuition
60 - 61.99 10% off tuition
Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law Scholarship Level
68 and higher 100% off tuition
66-67.99 70% off tuition
64 - 65.99 50% off tuition
62 - 63.99 30% off tuition
60 - 61.99 10% off tuition

Alumni Scholarship

Anglo-American University offers scholarships to graduates of any programs of Anglo-American University, Anglo-American College, The New Anglo-American College in Prague, and Anglo-American Institute of Liberal Studies. Alumni scholarships apply to any further programs of study as well as to any individual courses. Alumni Scholarships apply to the first year of study only.

BA and MA Programs (Except Law Programs Listed Below) Cumulative GPA Scholarship Level
3.8 and higher 40%
3.7 - 3.79 30%
3.5 - 3.69 20%
3.4 – 3.49 15%
3.0 – 3.39 10%
LL.B. UK Numerical GA Scholarship Level
70 and higher 68%
67-69.99 65%
64 - 66.99 60%
62 - 63.99 58%
59 - 61.99 55%

Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship

Anglo-American University rewards the most committed students of the BA Journalism program for their contributions to the AAU student newspaper Lennon Wall.

For each academic year, the scholarship in the amount of 100% of tuition is awarded for the program’s core courses, including but not limited to: Media in a Democracy, Digital Tools for New Media, Visual Culture, Popular Culture & Media Theory. The Scholarship may be divided among more than one student.

Candidates for The Alan Levy Journalism Scholarship must be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed the degree program’s required courses Reporting I and Reporting II.

Candidates are identified most importantly by their quality of writing and time commitment to the student newspaper, and especially Lennon Wall’s website.

The scholarship must be applied for in writing and submitted to the Dean of the School of Journalism by July 1st of the relevant academic year.

Alumni MBA Scholarship

Anglo-American University offers annually 4 MBA Alumni Scholarships in the amount of CZK 100 000 to its alumni. Selection is based on the GPA from their studies at AAU solely. The scholarship must be applied for in writing to the Dean of the School of Business Administration during the admissions process.

MBA students are not eligible for any other scholarships offered for AAU students.

MA Fellowship

MA fellowships are offered to the top 6 BA graduates, two each for the School of Business Administration, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and School of International Relations. Each fellowship is awarded for tuition for 60 attempted US credits and for up to 3 years of study. The fellowship does not cover fees related to the program. The fellowship is available for graduates up to one year after graduation.

Students on fellowship are required to provide up to ten hours of assistance to the School of Study weekly.

To apply for a fellowship, graduates must submit their CV, Transcript from their BA studies, an essay specifying their objectives in the MA studies and assistantship. Applications for fellowship are to be submitted to the Dean of the School providing the MA program they are applying to. Deadline for applications is July 1 of each year.

Scholarships Granted by the Ministry

The Ministry grants an Accommodation Scholarship and a Social Scholarship. Scholarships granted by the Ministry may be awarded to students who fulfil all the conditions announced by the Ministry and by the President. The conditions for the award are published in the Scholarship Policy.

Applications for the Accommodation Scholarship or for the Social Scholarship for an academic year shall be submitted in writing to the Student Services Center by the end of the Add/Drop period of the Fall Semester (or by the end of the Add/Drop period of the Spring Semester if students start their studies in the Spring Semester).

The Scholarships are funded by a contribution from the Ministry and awarded in the form of a money transfer, paid in arrears. They are not awarded in August.

Calendar of Payments

Would you like to pay your tuition in gradual installments? We provide manageable financial plans to current degree-seekers helping you feel more secure as you pursue your higher education. For more details regarding your payment options, please contact our bursar at:

Study Assistance

Now you have the opportunity to subsidize your tuition costs by working for AAU, improving your professional and interpersonal skills by getting to know more of the people who make AAU what it is. Currently our study assistance students work in many areas including; the library, the marketing department, media production, the Cafe Des Taxis, as well as promoting and running extracurricular activities and clubs. If you have any questions about study assistance or have any ideas as to where you would like to work, please contact

Bring a Friend

… and get 10% off your tuition for up to two semesters!

AAU will offer the possibility of obtaining a 10% discount off tuition to students who recruit one or more new degree-seeking students that begin studying any program at AAU in the Fall 2017 semester.

In order for you to be eligible for obtaining the discount, your recruited friend must include your full name and student ID in the „Recruiter“ field in their Application Form. The discount of 10% will be awarded to the recruiting student for the first semester in which the new student registers and will be applicable only after the end of the Add/Drop Period. If the new student enrolls in a second semester, the discount will be extended. The final amount of the discount will depend on the number of courses the new student registers and is maximally applicable to two semesters.

To find out more, contact the bursar at

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For information regarding accommodation, details on health insurance and visa requirements, extra-curricular activities at AAU, and useful tips on what do in Prague, follow the links below.

How to write a personal statement

In the personal statement, you should reveal information on your academic, personal and extracurricular achievements in light of the opportunities opened you. Precise instructions are available here.

Learn more about the Schools that you’re applying to

AAU primarily specialises in liberal arts, business and law for both undergraduates and graduates. We have five Schools of Study:

  • Journalism
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • International Relations & Diplomacy
  • Business Administration
  • John H. Carey II School of Law

For more information on the specific programs we offer please click here.

Learn how AAU selects students

The selection process for AAU is in several stages. Firstly you must choose the program which suits you best. Once this is completed you must fill out an application form, submit a series of required documents, pay an application fee, and have an interview with the dean of the school of study you applied to. Based on your performance we may offer you a place at the Anglo-American University.For full details see the AAU's Admission Policy.

I’ve already applied

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  • the submission of your application form?
  • the submission of your required documentation?
  • the results from your interview?

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