Launching in Fall 2021, AAU’s School of International Relations & Diplomacy will now be offering a Bachelor’s Program in Political Science with 6 unique concentrations that aim to prepare AAU students for global career paths.

AAU has seen a historic increase in interest in the academic year 2020/2021, effectively doubling the expected international student enrollment. The School of IRD is garnering a huge portion of that interest with the largest amount of newly admitted students.

In response to the international interest to study at AAU in Prague we are expanding our program offer to diversify the type of subjects students have to choose from and to better prepare our graduates to be changemakers and experts in the ever-changing political landscape.

I’m really excited to be able to help launch the careers of not only future diplomats but also people who are going to create domestic policy, run campaigns, and advise on things that are actually happening within the government.

Assistant Dean, Ing. Zuzana Veselá

Spearheading this new program and bringing years of experience and in-depth political research will be a number of AAU’s experienced IRD faculty including Senior Lecturer, Pelin Ayan Musil, Ph.D. and Senior Lecturer/Dean of the School of IRD, Alexei Anisin, Ph.D.

In her research, Dr. Musil investigates the moderation of ethnic and religious parties in Turkey and analyses democratic recessions in the post-communist and Muslim world from a comparative perspective. She was also recently a short-term visiting scholar at Stanford University (June 2019).

Dr. Anisin has conducted postdoctoral research in the Institute of Political Studies at Charles University, Prague. His interests are in applying multi-methodological tools including quantitative methods, qualitative comparative analysis, and he specializes in comparative politics, political violence, nonviolence, and cultural geography.

The curriculum will offer a balanced mix of courses on political and international relations theory, philosophy, economy, and history which is complemented by a range of skills-oriented courses in writing and research or classes increasing proficiency in foreign languages. Students will learn about how political processes and institutions function and affect societies and individuals. The curriculum will also instruct students on both U.S. and European political institutions as well as on political economy and conflict resolution.

Also helping students navigate this new program will be Assistant Dean, Ing. Zuzana Veselá who we had the chance to interview about the addition of these new programs to AAU’s School of IRD. Watch the video below to hear Zuzana discuss more about the various concentrations, classroom experience, and why this is exciting for future students.

Or click below to explore each of the new Political Science concentrations being launched in Fall 2021!