Alexei Anisin, Ph.D.

Dean, Senior Lecturer International Relations & Diplomacy

Letenska 5, Prague 1

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Alexei Anisin (Ph.D., Government, University of Essex), is the Dean and Senior Lecturer in the School of International Studies and Diplomacy. He has conducted postdoctoral research in the Institute of Political Studies, Charles University Prague. His interests are in applying multi-methodological tools including quantitative methods, qualitative comparative analysis, and causal process tracing to research questions on social conflict and political violence.


Comparative Politics: Political Violence; Mass Murder; Nonviolence. Quantitative and Qualitative Methods; Boolean and Decision-theoretic Modeling.

Publications & Other Activities


2021, Mass Shootings and Civilian Armament in the United States. Under contract with Routledge

2022, Protest Massacres in History, In progress

Peer-reviewed Articles

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  • 2020. The Revolutions of 1989 and Defection in Warsaw Pact States. Democracy and Security. Forthcoming.
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