November 17th, 2020 marks the launch of a new partnership between .ART Domains, the digital address for the creative community and Anglo-American University (AAU) in Prague, Czech Republic.  

The .ART School Programme was created to support and encourage schools, teachers, and educators working in the arts and interested in introducing the necessary tools for building a stronger digital presence as part of their teaching. AAU will be providing their Visual Arts and Journalism departments with standard domains and website builders to prepare students in their learning journey as professional artists. As a part of the curriculum, students will create online portfolios and track the progress of their artistic development throughout their three-year program. The offer will be available to both new and existing students at AAU.  

“The new generation is a generation of digital natives. Our mission is to empower the creatives of this generation with the necessary tools for advancing in the arts industry in the modern world. We are excited to partner with the reputable Anglo-American University located in the heart of Europe.” 

Ulvi Kasimov, .ART Founder

The partnership is formed at a challenging time when many degree shows, a crucial moment for young artists to connect with potential patrons, are canceled, while the job market is taking a hit across various sectors. Reliance on connectivity in the current environment requires one to learn to navigate the online space more than ever before to successfully take advantage of all the opportunities offered. Through the partnership, .ART and AAU will be working on introducing guidance and mentoring for students throughout their studies.  

“This partnership is extremely exciting as it gives students the building blocks to create a truly professional digital presence from their very first day at AAU. By allowing our students to establish a unique domain that they can customize and make their own they not only have a place to display their work and track their progress but a head start in their journey as professional artists and journalists.”  

Alžběta Klatová, Assistant Dean for the School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts

The School Programme will begin by AAU introducing featuring select works made by students within the art department. The goal is to initiate an online presence for all of our art students and empower them to showcase their work in a digital space outside of the classroom. We hope this partnership will be a facilitator if not an accelerator for their successful careers now and in the future. 

“Alumna, Aleksandra Artamonovskaja took one of our first art courses, (Art & Cultural Project Management) years ago at AAU when we were just beginning to offer such courses and it is great to be partnering with her now. We owe her a big thank you for reaching out to AAU with this opportunity. The resources that our students will be provided via the partnership with .ART Domains will hopefully be realized and appreciated in their pursuits as students and beyond.” 

Tony Ozuna, M.A., Dean of the School of Journalism, Media and Visual Arts

Stay tuned across .ART and AAU social channels for upcoming announcements and student highlights in the coming months!

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About .ART 

.ART is the only domain zone created specifically for the global creative community. With .ART individual artists, galleries, museums, art projects, corporate collections and art media can register a clear and concise web address, that instantly declares their values and expertise to the world.  

.ART’s mission is to support the artistic community, protect and strengthen digital identity of its members and generate value from art. .ART fosters creativity in a variety of forms through sponsorship of innovation in art and tech industries, managing various awards and special projects. By joining .ART you will expand your boundaries. You will unleash your art online and become a part of a growing network of creatives. 

About AAU

We are a modern university built on rich traditions and 30 years of experience. Our classes average 15 students ensuring that you cultivate close interactions with your peers and professors. Our home is the Thurn-Taxis Palace, a place with a rich history dating back to the XVII century, that provides an inspiring atmosphere in the heart of the amazing city of Prague.  

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