AAU Academy is happy to announce that the second cycle of 2021 courses will be back on-site!

Register throughout June and July for any of the available upcoming courses. We are very excited to be able to offer you the ability to take these courses at the beautiful AAU campus or, where applicable, outdoors in the city of Prague, and in-person with our experienced instructors (with all required safety measures in place as per COVID guidelines).

In light of the lessened restrictions, the new course cycle kicks off on June 10, with the first AAU Academy Walk: a special lecture on Freedom and Truth (inspired by Václav Havel) led by Tereza Rafoth and Josh Hayden in Prague city center.

Also check out a Special Calligraphy Workshop with AAU Alumna, Anita Hansen Hrubešová on June 15. There will be both morning and afternoon sessions, please email academy@aauni.edu to book your spot!

For an extensive browse of our courses, check out AAU Academy and book your chosen course by registering or e-mailing academy@aauni.edu for more information.