Jedrzej Raczynski

Strategic Marketing Consultant Marketing

Letenská 5, Prague 1
Office No. 4.11


Originally from Koszalin, Poland Jedrzej (Andy for short) holds an MA degree from Kozminski Academy in Warsaw, an LLM degree from Tilburg University, as well as a PGDip in Local Brand Development & Management from AGH University of Technology and Science in Cracow. After a decade of self-employment and consulting, he settled in Prague with an Ed-Tech company before joining AAU’s Marketing and Recruitment Department in the role of Marketing Manager and later Director. After 4 years of leading the Marketing and Communications Team at AAU Andy progressed into a consulting role and currently serves as a strategic marketing consultant to the Vice-President for Enrollment and Communications Jeta Sahatqija.

At AAU Andy’s main responsibility is strategic project execution within the department as well as providing the VP with insights and strategic advice based on in-depth market analysis and trend forecasting, offering recommendations for strategic initiatives, and emphasizing innovative and impactful approaches.