Frederik (Frank) Spindelaar

Marketing and Communications Manager Marketing

Frank is a seasoned traveler hailing from the Netherlands whose journeys have taken him from the tulip-filled landscapes of home to the far reaches of the globe. Departing his country of birth a decade ago, he embarked on an adventure as a digital nomad that saw him traverse continents and reach lands as distant as the shores of New Zealand. Wanderlust eventually led him to Mumbai, India, where, captivated by the local culture and way of life, he dwelled for a time. Today, however, after much globetrotting, it is Prague he calls home.

With over two decades of experience as a graphic designer, Frank’s portfolio spans its own varied landscapes, and he has lent his creative touch to esteemed institutions such as Amsterdam University, the María Galland Institute, and the Dutch Embassy in Mumbai. Additionally, his most recent tenure with a prominent IT company in Prague provided him with invaluable insights into the realms of AI and online advertising.