Below, we summarize the documents you will need to apply for a visa / residence permit. However, immigration rules can change, and individual Czech consulates may have local arrangements (such as an appointments system) to help them deal with local issues. Please read the official pages as well and check with the consulate where you will be making your visa application.

We prepared this VISA QUIZ for you to find out what type of visa / residence permit you need and how to apply!

EU and EFTA Citizens

Students who are EU or EFTA nationals (i.e. citizens of the 27 EU member states, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland) DO NOT require a visa to study at AAU. It is enough to arrive with a valid passport (or national ID card), and to register with the Czech Immigration authorities within 30 days of arrival. Further instructions will be available at registration.

Non-EU Citizens

Students from outside the EU or EFTA (so-called “third-country nationals”) DO require a visa or a residence permit to study in the Czech Republic. Although some minor exemptions apply (in particular for students from countries with a short-term visa waiver, whose total stay in the EU will last less than 90 days), in most cases a visa (or residence permit) will be necessary. This includes students from EU candidate countries. Visas and residence permits are issued at Czech consulates in your country of origin (and/ or country of residence), and must be obtained before coming to Prague. It is not possible to apply for a visa after your arrival, or even to pick up a visa you have previously applied for. Processing times can be up to 90 days. We therefore strongly urge all applicants to contact their local Czech consulate in good time.

Visa or Residence Permit?

obrázek Under current Czech immigration law, you can apply for two different kinds of immigration document at the consulate before you come to Prague (you can choose).

The VISA QUIZ should help you decide if a visa or residency permit is better for you.

Study Abroad students and Exchange students, who are coming to AAU for just a single semester, are recommended to apply for a 6-month Student Visa, since this is simpler. Degree-seeking students, who will be studying at AAU for a longer period than this, may find it a better idea to apply for a 12-month residence permit (though ultimately this is your decision, and we will respect your preferences).

Each of the visa type has its advantages and disadvantages, which you can discuss in more detail at the consulate, but briefly they are as follows:

Student Visa Residence Permit
In Czech Vízum za účelem studia Povolení k dlouhodobému studiu za účelem studia
Valid for 6 months 1 year
Advantages requires initial funding/housing/insurance for only 6 months of studies. valid for the whole of your first year of study.
Disadvantages will need to be renewed no later than half-way through the first year of your studies, if you are continuing your studies beyond a single semester. (i) requires initial funding, housing, and insurance for a full year of study (double the funds required for a 6-month visa); (ii) you will be required to pick up a biometric ID card from the Czech Ministry of the Interior on arrival, which will involve additional expense.

Applying: Official Information Resources

In the Czech Republic, the administration of visas and residence permits is divided between the Ministry of the Interior (MOI), which handles foreign nationals already resident in the Czech Republic, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), which runs the consular service at the Embassy where you will be making your initial visa application. The most important websites for student visa applicants are as follows:
MOI: General Immigration Information
MOI: Specific Immigration Information for Schools and Students (includes links for Visa and Residence Permit pages)
MOI: Downloadable Visa Application Forms
MFA: Entry and Residence Information from the Point of View of the Consulate
MFA: List of Czech Diplomatic Missions Abroad (use this to find your local consulate and any local rules they may have)

Applying: Summary of Procedures

Below, for your convenience, we summarise the documents you will need in order to apply for either a visa or a residence permit. The information has been compiled from the best sources available at the time of writing, and is accurate to the best of our abilities, but please remember that immigration rules can change, and that individual Czech consulates may have local arrangements (such as an appointments system) to help them deal with local issues.

For this reason, our summary is no substitute for the official information pages above. We strongly urge you to read the official pages as well, and to check with the consulate where you will be making your visa application.

Applying: What You Will Need

Application Form Completed. This form is available in pdf on the MOI website, and in hard copy at Czech consulates.
Valid Passport That is, a passport no more than 10 years old, with at least 2 free pages, valid for at least 3 months after your planned date of departure from the Czech Republic.
Letter of Acceptance Supplied by AAU after we receive payment for your first semester of study. Exchange students and Erasmus students who are entitled to a waiver of school fees under the terms of our Erasmus (or exchange) agreement will receive the Letter of Acceptance automatically, as soon as their application has been approved, and do not have to send any money. Study Abroad students coming to Prague through an agency like CEA should follow the financial instructions of their agency.
Confirmation of Housing AAU is proud to offer its students the opportunity to live together with their classmates from different countries and cultures right in the heart of Prague. Students can choose to reside in a single, double or triple room. Accommodation is only offered for the full Fall (September – January) or Spring (February – June) term, or for the entire academic year. Once you book a room in the AAU housing, the accommodation confirmation for visa purposes will be sent via Databox directly to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Czech Republic. They will forward it to the embassy. Please remember you will need confirmed housing for the WHOLE of your stay (i.e. 6 months for a visa, 12 months for a residence permit). If you are coming to Prague through CEA or another agency, they will secure housing. Please contact your agency for details.
Evidence of Financial Support

Generally this means a bank statement to show that you (or a sponsoring family member) have enough funds to cover your living costs for the duration of your stay, so again the exact amount will depend on whether you apply for a visa or a residence permit. 

Most actual information from MOI website are as follows:

1 semester: CZK 55 000 on your account

1 year: CZK 81 400 on your account

Please always check the original source of information. In this case go to MOI website for recent updates.

2 Passport Photographs

At the request of the consulate, you may also be asked to provide Confirmation that you do not have a criminal record: which generally means a statement form the Register of Criminal Records (or equivalent) in your home country to say they have no record of you. If you have resided in a third country for more than six months in the last 3 years, you may be asked to provide confirmation from this country as well. Details on the MOI website.

Visa help

If you feel like you need help with your visa we suggest you contact one of the following agencies and institutions which help with the visa process. You can ask them to help you with one issue or a combination or the full package. We recommend you contact them and ask for a qoute or offer corresponding to your specific case. Please always mention: your nationality (all of them if multiple), validity of your passport, if you are holder of any other visa/permits and if you have been in Europe already, when and for how long (this is not required from EU citizens of course) and also if you have any specific requirements.

CZ VISA and IMMIGRATION is a reliable agency helping with visas.They are experts in incoming students from any country. They help with visa applications, residency permits, citizenships, proof of accommodation, health insurance, document translations and any other related issues. Please find their brochure HERE or contact them directly at [email protected]. (It is a paid service, but there is a discount for AAU students!) specializes in providing assistance with the visa process, residence permit, Nostrification, document translation and other services. If interested, please contact directly at [email protected]. (It is a paid service, but there is a 10% discount for AAU students). 

Collecting Your Visa or Residence Permit

Visas and residence permits are generally processed within 60 days, though in exceptional cases we have known the process to extend beyond this. When it is ready, you will have to pick up your visa (or residence permit) at the same consulate where you made the application, so please factor this into your travel plans. It is not possible to pick it up at a different consulate, or in the Czech Republic.

When you go to pick up your visa, the consulate will ask for proof that you have purchased Health Insurance for your stay. You do not have to have health insurance at the time you make your visa application, but you do have to have it before they will issue the visa. Your Health insurance must be valid for the Czech Republic and provide minimum cover of 60,000 Euro. We strongly recommend that you apply for Czech health insurance, rather than relying on an international company. Having Czech insurance will make your visa application smoother and will also save you money for translation of the insurance confirmation into the Czech language. AAU has a deal with UNIQUA CZ, which allows you to apply for insurance online. See the Health Insurance section below for further details.

Choosing Your Insurance Company

The Czech Republic currently has very complicated rules regarding health insurance. Although it is theoretically possible to arrange cover with an international company for your initial visa application, you will be required to arrange insurance with a Czech provider at the time of your visa renewal. Foreign insurance policies issued in a language other than Czech must also be accompanied by an official (certified) Czech translation, which will add greatly to the cost of the insurance (as well as the administrative burden of collecting your visa documents together). For these reasons, we strongly recommend that you apply for Czech health insurance, rather than relying on an international company. AAU cooperates with VZP a.s., which allows you to apply for insurance online and printout insurance documents on the spot.

Thanks to this cooperation our students have a significant discount on Foreigners' Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plus and Foreigners' Comprehensive Medical Insurance EXCLUSIVE.

While the Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plus provides high quality medical and assistance service complying fully with the valid legislation governing foreigners’ residence in the Czech Republic, Exclusive is the first commercial medical insurance for foreigners, the scope of which is identical to that provided under comprehensive public medical insurance in the Czech Republic. Unlike public medical insurance, however, this product also includes other useful services and guarantees truly high-quality health care in the Czech Republic.

VZP Insurance Form

You can apply for your insurance directly from this page by using the links below. If your browser does not support iframes, consider updating it.

Foreigners' Comprehensive Medical Insurance Exclusive

PVZP’s premium product designed for foreigners who are long-term residents of the Czech Republic and expect the highest standards of medical and assistance service. This is the first commercial medical insurance for foreigners, the scope of which is identical to that provided under public medical insurance in the Czech Republic. Unlike public medical insurance, however, this product also includes other useful services. EXCLUSIVE is designed for foreigners of all ages, who wish to have the guarantee of truly high-quality health care in the Czech Republic.

Foreigners' Comprehensive Medical Insurance

Comprehensive insurance for foreigners designed to protect their health by providing a high quality medical and assistance service. This insurance complies fully with the valid legislation governing foreigners’ residence in the Czech Republic and is accepted by the Department of Migration and Asylum Policy of the Ministry of the Interior.

You may also apply for insurance from other eligible companies if you prefer, but it is your responsibility to arrange delivery of insurance documents to the consulate and any necessary translations.

Holders of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) who stay in the Czech Republic for a relatively long period of time must register the EHIC with the Czech health insurance company. To register you need to present your EHIC at 1 of these 7 contractual health insurance companies and you will be issued copies of “Potvrzení o registraci” (Certificate of Registration) which can be submitted to any doctor before getting treatment.

This information can also be found here at the Health Insurance Bureau website.

Insurance Links

The following links may also be helpful:

On Arrival

All non-EU (non-EFTA) students are required to report to the Czech authorities within 3 working days of arrival:

  • Students traveling on a 6-month visa report to the local branch of the Immigration Police.
  • Students traveling on a residence permit report to the Ministry of the Interior to pick up their biometric ID.

Your housing provider is obliged to report you on your behalf. Nevertheless we strongly recommend to make sure he/she did so to prevent future complications. Further details will be available during Orientation Days or at Admissions.

Payment Information for New Students Seeking a Letter of Acceptance

Academically qualified visa seeking students need to pay the first semester tuition and all the applicable fees in order to receive a confirmation of student status for visa purposes, i.e.:

  • CZK 81,500 for bachelor students / CZK 76,500 for LL.B. students
  • CZK 89,000 for master students
  • CZK 60,000 for MBA students

Student status confirmation shall be issued by the Student Services Center of the Anglo-American University only after receiving the appropriate payments in full.

Refunds Policy

Students who are denied a visa for whatever reason may ask for a refund. If this happens to you, please inform the Student Services Center without delay and include written evidence that the visa has been denied (usually a statement in writing from the Ministry of the Interior). Written evidence is REQUIRED for us to consider a refund, we cannot refund your fees without it. After we have received documentation to show your visa has been denied, we will refund your tuition in full (less banking fees and the admissions fee) within 10 working days. The refund will be remitted to the same bank account from which the original tuition payment was transferred.

Changes in Study Load

New students granted a visa are eligible to register for classes during the registration period as specified in the Academic Calendar. If a new student registers for a smaller number of classes than those for which he/she has already paid, the difference will be transferred as credit toward the student’s next semester. No refund will be made. If a new student registers for a larger number of classes than those for which he/she has already paid, he/she must pay the difference within the tuition deadlines specified in the Academic Calendar.

Information for Continuing Students And Visa Renewals

Different payment rules apply to our continuing/existing students, who are seeking to renew their visa or residence permit in order to continue their studies.

Under current Czech immigration law, Anglo-American University is required to provide the Czech Ministry of the Interior with accurate and up-to-date lists of foreign nationals who have registered for study. As all students enter into a student contract with AAU under which they are obliged to, among other things, pay their tuition and all applicable fees within set deadlines (either as they appear in the Academic Calendar, or in a previously arranged Installment Agreement), AAU will consider any failure to duly pay the agreed amounts as a violation of said student contract. In accordance with its legal obligations, AAU will immediately inform the Czech Foreign Police of any such violations. This may result in the suspension of the visa of the respective student. In order to fully implement and practice this policy AAU will require that each student submit a signed “Affidavit” available at the AAU Student Services Center.

PLEASE NOTE: It is each student’s own responsibility to duly pay his/her tuition, either in full or in contractually bound installments, and to do so on time. Anglo-American University is not obliged to continually notify students of their respective deadlines.