AAU is happy to receive international students from its partner universities as well as study abroad students - Study abroad scholarships available

Erasmus & Exchange Students

A full list of our current exchange partners is on our Partner Universities page. Although the number of places available and the exact conditions of each exchange may vary slightly, we always do our best to place exchange students from our international partners, and we will be glad to discuss this.

If you are a student of one of our partner universities, and you would like to come to AAU, in the first instance please go and talk to the Exchange Coordinator or the International Office at your home university, who will be able to advise you about your options. Please note that, because the number of places for each exchange is limited, you must first be selected and nominated for the exchange by your home university. Only after that can you can apply to AAU.

Please also remember that the deadline and the conditions you have to meet to gain the nomination are set by your home university, not by AAU, so your first stop really must be your own International Office.

Conditions of Study for Erasmus/Exchange Students
Students accepted through our official exchange programs (both Erasmus and non- Erasmus) do not pay tuition at AAU, though you may still be required to pay various small administrative charges (copying, library fees, etc.) As an exchange student you will be given the opportunity to register for any available class for which you are suitably qualified, subject to considerations of space, and subject to approval by your home university. In principle, all classes offered at AAU are available to Erasmus/exchange students, except for a small range of LLB and MBA classes, which are open only to our degree-seeking students. Students who are interested in exploring the culture of the Czech Republic may also take optional classes of Czech as a foreign language. Visa and insurance requirements are the same as for our other students: see below for further.

How to Apply to AAU As an Exchange/Erasmus Student
After you have been selected and nominated by your home university, you are free to make your application. Erasmus/exchange students have a simplified application procedure, and you will NOT be required to submit the full list of documents we normally expect from our degree-seeking students. You are also exempt from having to pay our application fee. 

The documents we do require are as follows:

  1. Completed Application Form.
  2. Completed Learning Agreement: probably the most complicated part of the application, see below for a full explanation
  3. Two passport photos in hard copy, or a good-quality scan by e-mail
  4. A copy of your passport or your European national ID card (EU citizens only)

Important note for students from outside the EU: the passport information you provide is what we will use to draw up supporting documents for your visa. Please make sure the copy of your passport that you send is clearly legible, and that your passport has sufficient validity to make a visa application possible (the Czech immigration authorities normally require your passport to be valid for the entire length of your studies plus 3 months after your planned date of departure).

If you will be renewing or extending your current passport before you come to Prague, it would be preferable to receive your NEW passport information, though we can work around this if absolutely necessary. For further details on visas and immigration see below.

Application Deadlines
Our standard deadlines for Erasmus/exchange students are as follows:

  • Fall Semester: 31 May
  • Spring Semester: 15 November

We can in certain circumstances negotiate a SMALL extension in these deadlines for EU/ EFTA passport holders, who do not require a visa to study in Prague. However, in view of the processing time required by the Czech immigration authorities, we do not recommend any extension for students who do require a visa. 

Documents NOT Required from Erasmus/Exchange Applicants
Since we sometimes find students can be confused by the different application requirements for different kinds of study, here is a list of the documents we require from our degree-seeking students, which we DO NOT require from Erasmus/exchange applicants.

The following documents are NOT required from Erasmus/exchange applicants. You do not have to submit these:

  1. CV/resume
  2. Transcripts or diplomas from your earlier studies
  3. Proof of English language proficiency (though we reserve the right to check this later if necessary)
  4. Motivation essay
  5. Letters of recommendation
Learning Agreement (LA)
The Learning Agreement (LA) is the part of your application which is likely to require the most attention. It is, in effect, a three-way study contract between you, your home university and Anglo-American University, regarding what you are going to study in Prague. It includes a preliminary list of the classes you intend to take at Anglo-American University , which allows your home university to reach an agreement in advance about what classes it will give you credit for, and Anglo-American University to assess whether your plan of study is realistic.

Although it can be revised after you get here (in the event of scheduling changes etc.), it is a handy orientation point for planning your studies. It is also one of the requirements of the Erasmus program, and because it has proved to be useful, we have extended it to our non-Erasmus university exchanges.

To prepare your LA, please use either the official AAU Learning Agreement form on our website, or the equivalent form used by your own university (we don’t mind the exact format, so long as the content is the same).

The following information may be helpful:

  1. Course Catalog: a full Course Catalog (including full syllabi for all our classes) is available in pdf here. We also have brief class descriptions, arranged by study program, in the Programs menu on our front page.
  2. Term dates: are detailed in our Academic Calendar, generally published each May for the following academic year, and available to download on our Academic Calendars page. Please note that the “Late Intake” version of the Academic Calendar is intended primarily for first-year degree-seeking students who experience a delay in getting their visa. It is not designed for Erasmus/exchange students. We therefore strongly recommend that all Erasmus/exchange students aim to arrive for our Regular Intake.
  3. Schedule (timetable): generally available 2–3 months before the semester begins, and again offered for download here. While we always do our best to open all classes as originally scheduled, we do reserve the right to make changes in unavoidable cases (e.g. in the event of illness). If this happens to one of your classes, we will help you to select a substitute.
Recommended Class Load

The standard class load at AAU is 30 ECTS credits (15 US credits) per semester, which normally means 5 classes. We are happy to allow incoming Erasmus/exchange students to take up to 30 ECTS credits per semester, but if your home university recommends a lower class load, we will not insist on your taking a full 30 ECTS credits. It is not possible for Erasmus/exchange students to take more than 30 ECTS credits (15 US credits). 

Study Abroad Students

AAU is pleased to receive international students from non-partner institutions who can apply as „study abroad students“ meaning that they can join AAU for one, or two semesters, without being part of a specific exchange program.

After study abroad students successfully complete their AAU courses, they will receive credits, which will be transferred back to their home institution.

AAU charges these students the same tuition as its own students.

Study abroad applicants should submit the following documents: official transcript, application form, application fee (2 000 CZK/80 EUR/115 USD), copy of ID or passport, one passport photograph, and confirmation from the student's university accepting the credits earned at AAU.

Applicants from the USA are encouraged to work with our partner agency CEA, which provides the study abroad students a number of additional services, including housing, visa assistance, excursions and other.

Practical Information

Visas and Immigration
As in other EU countries, students who are not Czech citizens must fulfill certain immigration requirements in order to study at AAU.

Further details are on our Visa Information page.

Quick facts:
Students who are EU or EFTA nationals (i.e. citizens of the 28 EU member states, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland) DO NOT require a visa to study at AAU. It is enough to arrive with a valid passport (or national ID card), and to register with the Czech Immigration authorities within 30 days of arrival. Further instructions will be available at registration.

Students from outside the EU or EFTA (so-called “third-country nationals”) DO require a visa or a residence permit to study in the Czech Republic. Although some minor exemptions apply (in particular for students from countries with a short-term visa waiver, whose total stay in the EU will last less than 90 days), in most cases a visa (or residence permit) will be necessary. This includes students from EU candidate countries.

Visas and residence permits are issued at Czech consulates in your country of origin (and/ or country of residence), and must be obtained before coming to Prague. It is not possible to apply for a visa after your arrival,or even to pick up a visa you have previously applied for. Processing times can be up to 90 days. We therefore strongly urge all applicants to contact their local Czech consulate in good time.

Health Insurance
Third-country nationals applying for a visa (or a residence permit) to study in the Czech Republic are also required by law to have adequate health insurance. Although you do not have to have health insurance at the time you first apply for your visa, you do have to present a document to show this has been finalized before the visa can be issued.

The official minimum requirement for medical coverage is as follows:

“Travel medical insurance must cover the cost of emergency medical care, including medical evacuation or, in the event of death, repatriation of remains to the country that has issued the applicant’s travel document or to the applicant’s country of residence. The insurance policy must not exclude coverage for injuries and damage caused by the applicant’s intentional acts, injuries and damage caused by fault or contributory fault on the part of the applicant, and injuries and damage caused by the consumption of alcohol, narcotic and psychotropic substances by the applicant. The minimum coverage is EUR 60,000 per one insured event without any coinsurance or copy of payment.”

Your insurance policy must also be valid for the entire period of the visa (or residence permit) for which you are applying.

Further details are on our Health Insurance page.

Housing is secured through our long-established network of landlords and agencies, which can provide secure, affordable and comfortable accommodation around the city. Apartments are carefully chosen to reflect both local amenities and average commuting time, with various options to suit individual needs. Journey times to the university are never more than 15–25 minutes.

Student Services will send you the list as soon as your application is completed.