AAU is proud to announce that two students have received the Milena Jesenská Journalism Scholarship. After being awarded the scholarship, the students automatically become members of the editorial team on the Lennon Wall magazine and continue to contribute to it for the following academic year. The winners are chosen by the Dean, the current Editor-in-Chief, and the journalism faculty.

“I concur, with great pleasure, with the decision of the selection committee for the Milena Jesenská Journalism Scholarship. My congratulations to both of the selected applicants and I truly thank the committee members for their work!”

– Jiří Schwarz, President, 2022

Congratulations to Abigail Calandra, new Editor-in-Chief, and Ekaterina Kviatyk, new Assistant Editor of Lennon Wall!

Studying journalism enables passionate writers such as Abigial and Ekaterina to expand not only their written skills but also research, multi-media content creation, and pursue all manner of topics. With a scholarship such as this under their belts, we are excited to see what they will accomplish in both academia and in Lennon Wall!

Abigail enjoying a well earned vacation, 2022

The Lennon Wall, ran separately from the governing body of AAU, seeks to uphold the same values of freedom and democracy through the dissemination of unbiased coverage. I want the magazine and website to be a trusted source of information on both campus and world news, working in the interests of the student body.

Abigail Calandra, 2022

Thriving in an international community has led to making friends and being part of a published, accomplished team at Lennon Wall. Solely following her journalistic dreams and hopes of elevating Lennon Wall, Abigail was only aware of the scholarship after applying for the position of Editor-in-chief position! – When your passion for writing is recognized, how does it help you?

How will this scholarship help you?

Last semester I worked three jobs to help cover my school expenses. The scholarship will allow me to focus more on my education and on Lennon Wall, it takes a major weight off.

First and foremost, it will cover a part of my university fee! Also, it is a boost of motivation for me and the possibility to gain a lot of experience in writing.

What would be your advice for other students who might want to apply to this, or any, scholarship?

For this scholarship or any, prove to the committee that you care. Showing the committee that you are an asset to Lennon Wall and to the AAU community is incredibly important.

My advice would be to contribute to the Lennon Wall magazine in any possible way, as a journalist writing articles, or as a photojournalist providing photos. Just be active and don’t be afraid to apply for the scholarship.

What’s your favorite self-written journalistic piece to date?

One of my favorite pieces I’ve written is ‘American pro-life sentiment: hypocritical at its core.’” I spent a lot of time working on this opinion piece for the fall 2021 print edition of Lennon Wall. I learned a lot while writing it, but definitely did not see Roe v Wade being overturned coming.

My favorite self-written piece is an article about dancers protesting with their art in Russia due to the war.

Hear from Editor-in-Chief, Abigail, below to find out more about Lennon Wall, it’s mission, activities, and ways you can get involved!