We can’t wait to welcome our students (current and new) back to campus this Fall for on-site classes! Following the lockdown announcement in March 2020, AAU entered into “distance learning/ distance education”, a term coined for its very nature- everyone stuck at home only able to attend online classes.

Recently, you may have heard the phrase “Hybrid Learning” being talked about for upcoming classes but what does it actually mean? And how will it impact your educational experiences come this Fall?

Hybrid Learning is a concurrent experience of both in-person and online participation. Come Fall 2021, AAU will be using this method of teaching for all courses for two reasons:

  • For those who are unable to attend class on-site for reasons related to Covid-19 or otherwise.
  • In the event that all on-site classes will be banned and virtual learning will resume.

This year, the classroom setup will look a little different because of this as they will be set to accommodate both on-site and online students. To help with hybrid learning, each classroom will be equipped with a moveable camera on a tripod, a BlueTooth speaker/microphone, a projector, and classroom speakers (classroom speakers may be chosen by peers or a lecturer to look out for online students should they want to speak or report an issue). The classroom equipment is there to facilitate a combination of class styles:

  • Conference Style– Online participants will have a view facing into the classroom with fellow students and your lecturer in one shot. This style is preferred for discussion-based classes. This includes the possibility of passing a microphone between on-site students to ensure online students can hear discussion answers.
  • Theater Style– This setup is tailored towards longer, lecture-style classes with heavy whiteboard usage. The camera faces the lecturer’s side with a clear view of the lesson on the whiteboard. If you are attending online, this layout may leave you unable to see your in-person classmates.

Participation and Materials:
Same as last year, live attendance (or real-time participation) is expected whether you are participating online or in-person in your classes, and as such, you are also encouraged to keep your cameras on while in attendance. However, most classes will also be recorded and all materials will be uploaded and available on NEO. This is in case of software failure (Teams) to connect or maintain a stable internet connection during class time.

Should you have any further questions regarding Hybrid Learning and what it means for your class experience, contact the Assistant Dean of your School.